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    Polar eternal and father of Ikaris

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    A powerful Eternal, Virako was a Polar Eternal, alongside Valkin, Druig and Ajak. In the distant past, approximately 1000 years ago, the quartet of Eternals came to know and bond with the Asgardian thunder god Thor. The power mad and deceptive Druig's schemes and machinations bringing about the release of extremely dangerous Deviants Dromedan, Thunder and Tutinax. That was not all that Dromedan had unleashed, as powerful psychic also unleashed a devastating creature known as the World Devouring Worm. This creature started to grow at an exponential rate, growing the more it devoured. Viroko heroically sacrificing himself to neutralize the threat of the World Devouring Worm, by launching himself directly into its mouth in charged and brimming with energy. Virako is the father of the Eternal Ikaris.    
    Recently resurrected he aids his long time friend Thor after a power vacuum in the Deviants leadership causing several Deviants to look for ways to acquire power, both raw and political. This bringing several of the Deviants, such as Kro, and Ereshkigal to interfere and cause chaos in the affairs of both Eternals, Asgardians and Earthlings. After aiding the thunder god, neutralize and save the world, Virako alongside Ransak and Karkas, are present at the return of the Eternals to New Olympia.


    Created by Roy Thomas, and Walter Simonson, Virako first appears in Thor Annual #7.

    Powers and Abilities 

    Typical Eternal abilities, Virako possesses super speed, super strength, extremely durable, with enhanced stamina, and agility. Virako can manipulate and energy and matter and utilize it in such a way to produce a variety of effects. Virako can fly and project energy from his eyes and hands.  
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 270 lbs
    Hair: Red 
    Eyes: Blue

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