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Little is known of the early life of the warrior-woman Virago. She resided in the barbaric outlands of the dimension of Zephyrland, but was banished from them. She came to a peaceful city of Zephyrland where she began sewing strife amongst the citizens. She convinced the warriors of the city, as well as athletes and other physically fit citizens, that they should be ruling the city and led a revolt to gain control of the city. 
Four Zephyreans escaped Virago's carnage and using a yellow submarine they broke the dimensional barriers to Earth where they sought aid. Securing the aid of Namor, they returned to Zephyrland but were quickly overwhelmed by Virago and her forces. Virago offered Namor a chance to earn his freedom and free Zephyrland by beating her in single combat. However, if she bested him, she would gain control of Atlantis. Namor refused to fight her until she transformed into her 10' tall beast form and attacked him. However, she overpowered the Sub-Mariner. 
Virago wanted to execute Namor with Atlantis watched as she took her place as ruler of Atlantis and using the Zephyrean yellow submarine, came to Earth. Namor escaped from Virago and led the Atlantean forces against Virago and ran her off. Angered, Virago shattered rocks which released the restrained Orka who teamed with her to get revenge on Namor. The combined might of Virago, Orka, and his killer whales was too much for Namor and he fled. In his panic, Namor crashed into a US Navy ship carrying a deadly nerve gas. As Virago and Orka celebrated their victory, they were overcome by the nerve gas. Virago has not been seen since. 
Physical Attributes 
Height: 5'8" (She-Beast form - 10')
Weight: 146 lbs. (She-Beast form - 692 lbs.) 
Eyes: Orange 
Hair: Green 
Virago is a skilled fighter and warrior able to breathe and survive underwater. She can also transform into a massive She-Beast form able to overpower Namor even underwater. She could also drive those around her into an aggressive state of blood lust and violence. It is unknown whether the reaction is caused by magical means, mental control, or chemical influence. It is also unknown how long Virago can survive out of water if she can at all.


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