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    A Viper is the code-name given to specialized group of soldiers/troops in the Cobra.

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    Vipers are the backbone of the Cobra Army. The Cobra infantry troopers are issued a combination assault rifle/grenade launcher, with an advanced night vision/telescopic sight and range finder. Multi-layered body armor and composite helmets with built in camouflage and stealth are also standard issue. Vipers are rigorously trained, highly equipped and extremely motivated.

    Vipers are then given additional training, which enables them to be transferred to specialized units, focusing on specific military occupational specialties. These are considered Cobra's Elite units and are renamed according to their new specialties. Units even customize their chain of command, allowing for unique Viper designations with distinct leaders.

    Viper Classes

    Basic Units

    • COBRA Viper - Cobra Infantry
    • COBRA Viper Guard - Cobra Infantry
    • COBRA Viper Pilot - Attack Glider Pilot

    Specialized Units

    • Aero-Viper - Condor Z25 Pilot
    • Air-Viper - Cobra Air Force Trainee
    • Alley Viper - Cobra Urban Assault Trooper
    • Astro-Viper - Cobranaut
    • A.V.A.C. - Air-Viper, Advanced Class; Firebat Pilot
    • Bio-Viper - Amphibious Mega-Monster
    • Cyber-Viper - Cybernetic Officer
    • Desert-Viper - Cobra Desert Trooper
    • Elite-Viper - Elite Regiment Officer
    • Fast Blast Viper - Field Combat
    • Flak-Viper - Cobra Anti-Aircraft Trooper
    • Frag-Viper - Cobra Grenade Thrower
    • Gyro-Viper - Mamba Pilot
    • Hazard-Viper - Toxin Specialist
    • H.E.A.T. Viper - High-Explosive, Anti-Tank; Cobra Bazooka Trooper
    • Heli-Viper - Cobra Battle Copter Trooper
    • Hydro-Viper - Cobra Underwater Elite Trooper. Also known as the "Demons of the Deep"
    • Ice-Viper - Cobra WOLF Driver
    • Jungle-Viper - Jungle Assault Trooper
    • Kitchen Viper - Mentioned in the comics only; never actually seen. Judging by their name, it is assumed that they work in Cobra's mess hall.
    • Laser-Viper - Cobra Laser Trooper
    • Medi-Viper - Medical Trooper
    • Mega-Viper - Mega-Monster Trainer
    • Monstro-Viper - Savage Mega-Monster
    • Motor-Viper - Cobra Stun Pilot
    • Nano-Viper - Cobra Commando
    • Neo-Viper - Officer/Infantryman
    • Night-Viper - Cobra Night Fighter
    • Ninja-Viper - Martial Arts
    • Nitro-Viper - Detonator Driver
    • Para-Viper - Cobra Paratrooper
    • Pit-Viper - Infiltration Trooper
    • Range-Viper - Cobra Wilderness Trooper
    • Raptor-Viper - Raptor Driver
    • Red Ninja-Viper - Ninja Warrior
    • Rock-Viper - Cobra Mountain Trooper
    • Sand-Viper - Desert Infiltrator
    • S.A.W. Viper - Cobra Heavy Machine Gunner
    • Secto-Viper - Cobra Bugg Driver
    • Shadow-Viper - Counter Intelligence
    • Shock-Viper - Fire Assault Trooper
    • Sludge-Viper - Cobra Hazardous Waste Viper
    • Star-Viper - Cobra Stellar Stiletto Pilot
    • Strato-Viper - Cobra Night Raven SP Pilot
    • Street-Viper - Urban Combat Trooper
    • Sub-Viper - Underwater Demolitions
    • Swamp-Viper - Amphibious Assault Trooper
    • Techno-Viper - Cobra Battlefield Technician
    • Tele-Viper - Cobra Communications
    • Terra-Viper - Cobra Mole Pod Pilot
    • Toxo-Viper - Cobra Hostile Environment Trooper
    • Track-Viper - H.I.S.S. II Driver

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