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Violet Sanchez

Violet's past has not been revealed and little was known about her. Violet Sanchez was a mutant who was said to have the appearance and physiology of a Shar-Pei, a species of a dog. Her full potential was not revealed. After Decimation, Violet was among those who lost their mutant abilities. After this, Violet was converted back to her human form.

Reporter Sally Floyd, then working for a newspaper called The Alternative, became aware of her after receiving a cryptic phone call from a serial killer of mutants who had lost their superhuman abilities during M-Day. The Ghoul, as the murderer identified himself on the phone, preferred to target mutants like Sanchez who did not have affiliations with other mutant enclaves like the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Police were able to trace the phone call to Sanchez' apartment, but found no trace of either Sanchez or the Ghoul. As Floyd was leaving the Ravencroft Institute, the Ghoul dropped the body of Violet Sanchez into Floyd's windshield. Like other mutants whom he killed, a note was also left beside her corpse saying "Not Enough Died". Detective Izzo then investigated the case.


Violet Sanchez was a Beta-Level classification mutant because of her appearance/physiology of a Shar-Pei, It was not revealed whether she had additional abilities but her physical appearance and powers were removed during the events of M-Day.

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