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    Viola is the former princess of Dressrosa and daughter to King Riku. She agreed to work for the Don Quixote Family under the name Violet to save her father's life. With her powers from the Glare-Glare Fruit she can see into anyone's mind.

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    Viola was the princess of Dressrosa ten years ago until the royal family was betrayed by Monet and Don Quixote Doflamingo.They took over the entire kingdom in a single night by manipulating King Riku Doldo III into attacking the people.

    To save her father's life, she agreed to use her Glare-Glare Fruit powers for Doflamingo. Ever since, she has has been working under the name Violet (ヴァイオレット Vaioretto) as an agent for the Don Quixote Family as part of the Trebol Army led by Trebol.


    One Piece Vol. 71 (Aug 2013)
    One Piece Vol. 71 (Aug 2013)

    Viola (ヴィオラ, Viora) is a supporting character in the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He would later appear in the Dressrosa Arc that began in Volume 70.

    Her first appearance was in One Piece Volume 71 CH. 703 "Waiting Room",

    Major Story Arcs

    Dressrosa Arc

    Viola was given the task of approaching the Straw Hat cook Sanji to draw him away from his crew and use her powers to ascertain the reason the Straw Hats allied themselves with Trafalgar Law and why they came to Dressrosa. She came to him pretending to be a woman on the run from the police, and he fell into her trap. However, even while captured once her deceptions were revealed, Sanji shocked her as he understood that her earlier tears were real. His faith in her moved her to betray Don Quixote's men and free Sanji. She then revealed to him the trap they had fallen in and helped him contact his friends to warn them. She later gave him a map to the factory they were looking for, and Sanji offered to take her with them before she ran off.

    Powers & Abilities

    Glare-Glare Fruit

    Viola is a user of one of the paramecia devil fruit called the Glare-Glare Fruit (ギロギロの実, Giro Giro no Mi). This makes her an Eagle-Eyed Seer Human (眼力人間, Ganriki Ningen) with the ability to peer into other people's bodies and minds. The skill is powerful enough to be able to even look through clothing and to the very skeleton of a person.

    • Peeping Mind (心覗き(ピーピングマインド) Pīpingu Maindo): With the Peeping Mind ability, Viola can see into a person's minds by placing her circled fingers around her eyes and putting her forehead to the target. This technique can also work the other way around. If she placed her circled fingers over another person's eye then bring the fingers to her forehead, they can then see any memories that she wishes to show.
    • Hierro Lágrima: Tear Whales (熱鉄の涙(イエロ・ラグリマ) 目鯨(メクジラ) Iero Ragurima: Mekujira): This technique is used by drawing forth tears that she can manipulate to grow into giant whales that will crush whoever they land on.


    One of the major weakness that comes with Viola's devil fruit is that it gives her no real boost in physical power. She is vulnerable to physical injury as any normal human can be.

    Sea Water

    All devil fruit users share one similar weakness. That is the ocean. The incredible power of the devil fruit renders the user a complete inability to swim. Once in water, they will sink like a stone. In sea water, a devil fruit user will also lose all strength in in their body.

    Sea Prism Stone

    Sea Prism Stone is a naturally occurring metal fund in the world. Minerals from the sea are embedded into the metal. It's said that sea prism stone is as hard as diamonds, and contact to the skin will both weaken the body and cancel out all devil fruit powers. they'll be as vulnerable as any other human. This is often found crafted into shackles.


    Haki (覇 気, Haki) is a unique skill that all devil fruit users are vulnerable. Armament Haki has the ability to cancel out any devil fruit power, however, the haki of the attacker must be stronger than the target. Viola hasn't been shown to use any of the haki techniques.

    Other Media


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