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    Vinnie is the hot-headed member of the Biker Mice from Mars.

    Vinnie has white fur, red eyes, and red antennae. He has a silver half-mask over the right side of his face. He wears a purple bandana around his neck (knot side in front), green bandoleers crossed over his chest, green fingerless gloves on each hand, blue biker pants, wide belt with circular buckle, metal knee protectors, and black biker boots.


    • Silver half-mask. There is nothing special about this mask, except that it was made to cover scars Vinnie suffered in the Martian-Plutarch War. It was made by the Freedom Fighter medic/mechanic, Harley, out of a very flexible metal.
    • Flares: In the bandoleers crossed over his chest, Vinnie carries a supply of small cylinders that, when activated, expand into hand-held flares. The flares has a variety of uses, including --but not limited to-- cutting through rope and metal chains, fusing metal together, as signals, etc.
    • Bike Helmet: The bike helmet has computerized readouts, from temperature readings, to infrared images, and everything in between. Like all Martian bike helmets, Vinnie's has a built-in radio, with which he can communicate with the other Biker Mice.
    • Martian Motorcycle: Martian bikes have an AI --Artificial Intelligence-- that gives them the personality of faithful steeds. Each bike has an on-board computer, comparable to an Earth laptop but far more advanced. Vinnie's is a cherry-red Kawasaki Ninja, and is primarily a racing bike. Like Throttle's, Vinnie's bike is not officially named. Unofficially, it's called, "Sweetheart", because Vinnie is often heard calling it that. But Vinnie calls everyone "Sweetheart", so the name is still unofficial.
    • Martian Blaster: This is a standard, Martian handgun, which fires normal blaster beams. Vinnie has two of these, and he handles them like a classic "cowboy".

    It should be noted that Vinnie's Telepathy power comes from his antennae --sometimes called, "Touch-Telepathy"-- and has only thus far been used to show his own memories to individuals. (i.e. Charley, in "Rock 'n' Ride") Only Throttle has been shown to use the Touch-Telepathy, but it is assumed that all Martian Mice have it.


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