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    The Vindicator is one of the legendary five Phlebiac Brothers, including Violator, Vaporizor, Vandalizer, and Vacillator.

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    Vindicator was created alongside the rest of The Phlebiac Brothers, to serve Malebolgia, Lord of The Eighth Sphere of Hell. He has been one of the more active of the siblings and his job was to find potential Hellspawn within the bowels of Hell. It was during one of these scouting missions that he tested child murderer Billy Kincaid. Vindicator is also the most sarcastic and humorous of the brothers. Cracking a joke when ever the chance comes.


    Vindicator was made by writer Alan Moore and artist Todd Mcfarlane and first appeared in Spawn# 8 in 1993.

    Major Story Arcs


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    After Billy Kincaid's death he ends up in hell where he finds other people who found themselves there. Eventually they are picked off one by one leaving Billy and a little girl. It is revealed the little girl is Vindicator in disguise. Vindicator gives Billy a tour of hell(against Billy's will). Vindicator shows him the different realms of hell and brings him to his home, the Eighth Sphere. He gives Billy a symbiotic suite(much like the one Spawn wears) and tells him to meet his new boss Malebolgia.


    Vindicator and his brothers are deciding what they are to do with their brother, Violator. They eventually agree they have to kill him. Once they found Violator they were attacked by Admonisher(a man hired by the mafia to hunt Violator). Vindicator runs up to Admonisher and gets his brain shot out of his head. They continue to fight Admonisher until they retreat into a portal that Vindicator created, while chasing a man they believe to be Violator into the portal to hell.

    Alternate Versions


    Vindicator and the rest of his brothers are the New York police force in the year 2015 where Spawn rules the Earth.


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