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    Vincente is a mutant with the ability to change his state from solid to liquid or gas. He can even make his vaporous form toxic to inhale. He first appeared in the Age of Apocalypse and a year later in the main Marvel Universe.

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    Not much is known about Vincente's history. It is however very likely that the events that caused the Age of Apocalypse in the 295 universe have had a profound impact on Vincente, since, in that reality, he became a hero, while he became a villain in the 616 universe.


    Vincente is one of the few characters to make their first appearance in an alternate universe before he finally starred in the 616 universe. He was created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo and first appeared on Earth 295 in Generation Next issue 1 which was part of the Age of Apocalypse saga. In this reality, Vincente was a superhero whom worked together with the newest generation of mutants.

    The 616 version of Vincente was very different from the Age of Apocalypse version (this version was a villain) and first appeared some time later in the pages of Generation X issue 12, almost a year after his heroic counterpart version of the Age of Apocalypse first appeared.

    Major Story Arcs


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    First working along Emplate, Vincente of Earth 6161 was ordered to attack Generation X alongside Murmur, Bulwark, D.O.A., and Gayle Edgerton. He turned himself into a liquid state, and hid inside of a pot of soup at a restaurant Generation X was going to be at later. When M opened the pot to smell the soup, he turned himself into a living mist and flowed into her lungs, suffocating her. However, she was able to telepathically alert X-Man and Bishop of the danger before she and most of her team passed out due to Vincente strangling them.

    When Bishop arrived, Vincente tried to smother him as well, but because of Bishop's absorbing powers, Vincente was being pulled into Bishop's lungs. Vincente escaped and fled the battle with Murmur. He appeared once more when Emplate's Hellions tried to reclaim Penance for Emplate. By this time, Vincente had mastered the ability to turn poisonous in his mist state. However, he was defeated once more.


    It is unknown how the events of " Decimation" have affected Vincente.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vincente is able to shift his state of matter from solid to liquid to gaseous, and to make his gas state toxic to others. He can also mimic any liquid or gas he mixes with, for example, he can turn into soup or dirt by mixing with it.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth 295 (Age of Apocalypse)

    Infiltrating into the Seattle Cor
    Infiltrating into the Seattle Cor

    Vincente is one of the few characters to make their first appearance in another universe before he finnaly starred in the 616 universe. In the Age of Apocalypse, Vincente joined Generation NeXt. When the team was tasked to infiltrate the Seattle Core, a human interment camp and nuclear reactor, Vincente accepted. Their main target was saving a young girl named Illyana Rasputin, the leader Collossus' little sister. Vincente worked with Husk in order to get past the chief security guard of the Core, Quietus. Husk tricked Quietus into drinking a flask full of liquid that was really Vincente in his liquid state. Vincente then exploded back into his solid form while inside Quietus, killing him instantly. Vincente then used Quietus' body in order to further infiltrate the Seattle Core.

    They team of mutants was succesfull in locating Illyana, but where soon discovered by the mutant guards of the Core. The pair was later attack by the Sugar Man, whom seemingly knew Vincente was not the real Quitus.

    The last sight of Vincente and Husk
    The last sight of Vincente and Husk

    Vincente was mortally wounded by his razor-sharp tongue, despite being in his mist form at the time. Whith the mortal body of Quietus destroyed, Vincente returned to his own solid body, but the wounds where still there. He could hardly walk and was picked up by Husk as the team tried to flee the Core complex. Vincente and teammate Husk where however left behind by Collossus and Shadowcat as they had no time to save them. It is presumed that both Husk and Vincente died.

    In Other media

    He has not appeared in any other besides comics


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