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Vincent Yatz was a skilled scientist working in the fields of nanotechnology and biology. Using a combination of nanotechnology and stem cells, he is able to create a nanocell serum that can boost a human's regenerative capacities to superhuman levels. Yatz's work attracted the attention of Jack Ryder, a television reporter, and a group of mobsters. When Ryder breaks into the lab in an attempt to steal the serum, he is apprehended by the mobsters, who have also captured Yatz. Fearful that his work will fall into the hands of the villains, Yatz injects Ryder with all that remains of the still unstable serum, thus creating the Creeper.


Vincent Yatz was created by Steve Ditko.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

In his original appearance, Yatz was called Emil Yatz, and was a defector from the Soviet Union who was assigned Jack Ryder, a disgraced television host, for security. He is kidnapped by mobsters who intend to sell his discoveries to the Soviets. He is taken to a masquerade ball being thrown by the leader of the mob, and held there. He and his captors are followed by Ryder, who disguises himself in order to enter the party. When Ryder is recognized as an intruder and shot, Yatz injects him with the serum in order to save his life, and accidentally leaves an activator device in his wound. When the pair are again attacked by the mobsters, Yatz is killed.

Bronze Age

Vincent Yatz's miraculous invention was retconned to two (sometimes given as only one) mechanical devices that are capable of storing "imprints" and which also grant increased physical attributes. Yatz surgically implants the devices into Ryder in a bid to save his life after the latter has been attacked and drugged by a group of criminals.

Modern Age

Yatz's origin was retconned to its present explanation. This origin was later implied to be a false memory. The impact of this revelation, and whether or not Yatz actually exists, has gone largely unexplored.

Major Story Arcs

Beware the Creeper

Vincent Yatz is responsible for the creation of the semi-sane superhero known as the Creeper.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Yatz is an extremely intelligent scientist of some note, who was able to create a nanocell serum that cures virtually all wounds, as well as creating superhuman physical attributes in a person who is injected with it.


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