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Vince White is an American Comic Book Artist, Writer, Creator and Independent Publisher. He is best known for his creator-owned work The Legend Of WILL POWER™ comic book and as one of the founders of Primal Paper Comics -A Virginia Based Comic Book Coalition of Independent Comic Book Publishers and Creators. Vince’s technical training and background is in Computer Aided Graphic Design but he made the move to full-time comic book creator with his first independent publishing of The Legend OF WILL POWER™ in March of 2011. Since then, he has, traveled the East Coast Comic Book Convention circuit, lectured at several community colleges, universities and public schools. His comic book, The Legend Of Will Power™ has enjoyed an increasing fan base and has sold copies all over the world. The Comic Book features the story of a young high school teen named WILLIAM POWER who is lovingly called “WILL” by his friends. The story challenges the teen when his father creates a machine that changes the density of the entire universe and throws young William into a journey of self-discovery. Vince White is based in Yorktown Virginia and runs his comic book company, DARKLIGHT STUDIOS, mostly by himself. His dream is to take WILL POWER all the way to Saturday Morning Cartoons, the toy shelves, the videos game market, and ultimately the Big Screen!

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