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Brief History

Vince Rivers was the hottest rock and roll sensation since Elvis and he was managed by a Skrull who was masquerading as a disc jockey named Doc Rock. A riot ensued when Rivers played his music because the Skrull had altered his amplifiers to incite rage and anger on teenagers. 3-D Man stops the riot at the concert when he smashes the amplifier. Vince Rivers was placed in a jail cell at the local police station while his teenage fans were outside chanting his name. The Skrull disguised as Doc Rock send Rivers his guitar to his cell. Rivers starts to sing and discovers a gizmo the Skrull placed inside his guitar. The device amplifies the sound of the chants outside and it blows a hole through the wall. Rivers is picked up by two Skrulls disguised as regular men that allow him to escape in his car. The Skrull set up Rivers to be the fall guy and no one would believe Skrull involvement took place during the rock and roll riot when Rivers escapes. 


Vince Rivers was created by Roy Thomas and Jim Craig in 1977 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 36.


Vince Rivers is a talented musician and guitar player.

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