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Just Lab Rats?

Simone has saved the best for the end and she really is commited to this idea, since she reveals lots of great and amazing secrets in this final issue, like Mockingbird´s true identity, Luthor´s plans, alllies and foes are revealed alike as the showdown between Society of Villains and Secret Six proves to be deadly (to some at least). This six issue tie in mini series was really good, showing characters that I wasn´t familiar with, showing an amazing display of dialogues and art, even the story and the plot that were quite weak in the beginning, proved to be good at the end. I really like this issue because it showed more of Deathstroke, but the fact is that I really resent that him and other great villains quite didn´t appeared in this mini series - as good as it was, this series was much more about the Secret Six (focusing in Cheshire, Scandal, Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll and Parademon) than the Society of Villains, what was a bitter surprise to me. But for what´s worth, this conclusion was sealed with a great battle, interesting twists and funny confrontations. I really enjoyed reading this and I recommend it for my fellows viners who want to know more about DC villains.
4 out 5

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