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    The Gathering

    What´s this about - This is a tie in of the Infinite Crisis, that shows the gathering of the villains to form a new Society, worried about what happened to Dr. Light (he was lobotomized in the arc story Identity Crisis), so the major villains think that´s better get together in order to prevent any further damage to them - in coletivity lies strength.
    What Happened in This Issue - As an introduction this worked pretty good to me, showing some important villains like Deathstroke, Calculator, Black Adam, Luthor and others recruiting as much villains as they can, to add number to this new Society of Villains. Probably the best thing about this issue was the first 9 pages, because it´s about the genesis of this society - there isn´t much of an explanation, outside the fact that they´re trying to prevent that something similiar of what happened to Dr. Light strikes them, but somehow it seems there´s more to it to be told and as the story unravels and grows, it will be good seeing other motives to this reunion - after these events, the story loses a little of focus, showing other villains that weren´t interested in joining forces with Luthor and the others, forming what appears to be the modern Secret Six.
    The Creative Team - I first boarded into this comic book because of Dale Eaglesham´s art,´cause I know it´s guarantee to be great and awesome pencils and again he didn´t let me down: amazing storytelling, great scenes, a little action going on to boost the mood, overall excepcional art and colors. On the other hand I´m kind of skeptical when the them is Gail Simone, I don´t like her very much, but she did surprised me with the quality of the dialogues and most of all because of the characterization of the villains, especially the whining of Dr. Psycho, the cold methodical way of thinking of Luthor and I´m feeling hopeful that this series won´t disapoint me when it comes down to the plot and the dialogues.
    Overall this was a good kick off, I enjoyed the dialogues, the art and story (though it´s too early to really know what´s it about), so this was a satisfying first issue, especially because of the art.
    4 out 5

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