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    In September 2013, all of DC's superhero titles will replaced for a month by supervillain Point One issues, as part of the buildup to Forever Evil, the first major post-Flashpoint crossover event.

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    As part of the annual commemoration of the 2011 launch of the New 52, DC Comics announced that the fallout of the summer event Trinity War would feature the supervillains of the DCU --- among the most infamous in comics and occasionally all of fiction --- taking over the titles of their heroic foes for a month. This would serve to trump up publicity for Forever Evil, the first post-Flashpoint DC crossover event. These villain issues would be Point Ones in terms of numbering. The selected ongoing series would have one-to-four Point One issues published in one month (September 2013), and the total number of villain issues would be 52. The list of these 52 villain issues is as follows:

    All Point One issues would have special covers with 3D motion images and cost $3.99; standard editions with ordinary covers (in 2D) would be $2.99 as usual.

    Click here to see some of the 3D covers as animated GIFs.

    The New 52 Villains Omnibus

    In September DC announce the release of a complete set and collected edition in December 2013. This omnibus edition would have 1,184 pages and collect all the 52 Villains Month titles and their 3D motion covers as well as the 3D Motion Cover Variant Edition of Forever Evil #1. All titles and covers would be labeled as second printing and the whole set would cost $199. The New 52 Villains Month Omnibus will also have its very own 3-D motion cover (see link to animated GIFs above).

    Shortly after their first announcement, DC re-scheduled the release of the set to February 2014 because it would take longer to produce all the motion covers.


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