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    Vilgax is the main antagonist in the Ben 10 series. Vilgax is an intergalactic alien. Vilgax The Conqueror is an intergalactic tyrant and the archnemesis of Ben 10.

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    Original Series

    Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis, he is an intergalactic warlord and will stop at nothing to gain the Omnitrix from Ben 10. Vilgax was first seen attacking Xylene's spaceship in an attempt to retrieve the Omnitrix from her ship. He was severally injured in the attack and was confined to a regeneration tank for much of the first season and would often send drones or bounty hunters to attack Ben and retrieve the Omnitrix. When he came out of the tank his body was modified to increase his physical structure. Vilgax finds Ben and and kidnaps him and attempts to steal the Omnitrix. He is rescued by Grandpa and Gwen and battles Vilgax on top of Mout. Rushmore. At the end of the battle. Vilgax's ship self destructs while in orbit and crashes. It was later revealed that Vilgax has been to Earth before and fought Grandpa when he was a member of group that battles supernatural threats. In the second season Vilgax was found to have survived the explosion of his ship and had been shot into space. He was later found by Kevin 11. The two teamed up and tried to take the Omnitrix from Ben. The battle ended with the two being trapped in the Null Void.

    Vilgax reappeared somehow escaping the Null Void in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. It was revealed that he destroyed the Petrosapien home-world home to Diamondhead's species by the petrosapien Tetrax. He was defeated when Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix activated a giant alien called Way Big and Ben threw him into space.

    Vilgax was incinerated in a gasoline explosion caused by Ben and his dad, it is unknown if Vilgax survived, but due to his history of surviving and escaping dangerous situations he will probably seen again.

    Alien Force

    Alien Force Vilgax. Vilgax
    Alien Force Vilgax. Vilgax "The Conqueror"

    Vilgax made his Alien Force debut in season 3 with a two part episode Vengeance of Vilgax.

    He had different look from original series.

    Vilgax has conquered 10 worlds by defeating their biggest heroes including Ultimos and Galactic Enforcers' world. He also has absorbed all their abilities making him much more powerful than earlier. He came to earth to challenge Ben to a duel. He had some new abilities like locking laser, flight, a sword, shield and was much stronger than before, enough to defeat a fully grown Humongosaur in one hit. He ultimately lost to Diamond head.

    He then teamed up with Zs'Skayr and learnt about Primus. He ended up growing giant on Primus after falling into a DNA pool only to loose once again to Way Big.

    In Final Battle, he teamed up with Albedo. It was revealed that Vilgax's true habitat was water where he transforms into his true form, a giant octopus like creature. He was caught in a huge explosion caused by Ultimate Swamp Fire and was presumed dead.

    Ultimate Alien

    Vilgax was presumed dead for a long time until Ben found out that he was posing as Diagon, an extra dimensional god. A group called Flame's Keppers were worshiping him and helping him heal.

    Later he got Ascalon and freed Diagon by breaking the seal. He returned with a completely new appearance, a lot like Lucubras. He considered Diagon as his master and was helping him.

    Lucubra Vilgax
    Lucubra Vilgax

    He later betrayed Diagon and absorbed him using same machine he used on 10 heroes. He ended up getting all of Diagon's power. Ben defeated him using Ascalon.

    Ben 10 Omniverse

    Ben 10 Omniverse: Vilgax
    Ben 10 Omniverse: Vilgax

    Vilgax appeared in episode "Vilgax Must Croak." In the episode, Ben and Rook was given the job of transferring Vilgax into another prison. Meanwhile Milleous gives Attea an order to kill Vilgax so Vilgaxia will surrender. Vilgax ends up saving Ben from a blast. In the end, Vilgax managed to escape.

    This Vilgax looks more like his original version. He lost all the abilities he absorbed from heroes he defeated.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vilgax possess enormous strength, power and durability. In his original form, he was durable enough to survive a nuclear explosion at point-blank range (though he was badly injured and widely believed to be dead). In his upgraded cyber-form, his strength and power is so great he once crushed one of the heads of Mount Rushmore with a single blow, and he is also so durable Diamondhead smashed his own fists punching Vilgax, and Vilgax was barely even hurt, and he also withstood the impact of XLR8 charging into him at full speeds and Vilgax showed no signs of pain or injury from the impact, it merely damaged XLR8. In Alien Force, had absorbed the powers of many heroes in the Universe, which made him much more powerful and Vilgax once took down a fully grown Humungousaur.


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