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Vigo was a mass murderer, and due to his practice of the dark arts was virtually immortal, but one day the people he oppressed and tormented rebelled, and dismembered him. His decapitated head spoke a curse, swearing he would conquer the world. Vigo's ghost was trapped within a painting of himself, and the negative energy in New York City gave him his best shot at making good on his curse, but he was stopped by the Ghostbusters.

He has made a couple appearances in the recent IDW comics on top of his past GBII adaptation comics, both simply as a painting, and as a full on villain. Gozer's current servant references an alliance with Vigo, stating a merger between Gozer and the Carpathian.

Other Media

Vigo of course appeared in the film Ghostbusters 2

He also appears in an "Easter Egg" capacity in the video game Ghostbusters for X-Box 360 and PS3, his painting was in the Ghostbusters firehouse and would interact by speaking curses and threats.


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