Movie » Vigilante released on February 06, 1947.

    Full title is 'The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West'. Columbia serial based on the Greg Sanders Vigilante. The studio insisted on many changes including his costume, as well as several parts of his origin, changing him from a struggling country singer to a federal agent.

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    Ralph Byrd, best known for playing Dick Tracy, plays The Vigilante, and George Offerman, Jr. plays Stuff. It ran for 15 chapters.

    1. The Vigilante Rides Again - The Vigilante and Stuff, working for the federal government, stop a hot car ring. Their next assignment is to investigate a wealthy Arab who's believed to have smuggled 100 rare red pearls past U.S. Customs.
    2. Mystery of the White Horses - The villain X1 orders his henchmen to steal Greg Sanders horse.
    3. Double Peril! - Betty gives a private rodeo show for the Arab prince, but something goes wrong!
    4. Desperate Flight - Greg rescues Betty, and realizes that all the incidents must somehow be connected to the horses.
    5. In the Gorilla's Cage - the bad guys make yet another attempt to steal Betty's horse.
    6. Battling the Unknown - X1's men break one of their own out of jail, and again steal one of the stallions.
    7. Midnight Rendezvous - an anonymous letter sows up telling Betty to ride to an isolated location alone, and not to tell the police
    8. Blasted to Eternity
    9. The Fatal Flood
    10. Danger Ahead
    11. X-1 Closes In
    12. Danger Rides the Rails
    13. The Trap That Failed
    14. Closing In
    15. The Secret of the Skyroom


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    One of the Earliest D.C. Comics Characters to Hit the Big Screen 0

    Columbia Pictures' The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West is a simple, fun "modern" Western. Set in the present (1947 the time of filming) rather than the Old West, it featured an updated version of Greg Sanders (The Vigilante), played by Ralph Byrd of Dick Tracy fame, fighting crime in Southern California. It's derivative of the serials that have come before - once again (despite the name 'Vigilante') the hero is working for the Federal Government as is the case with most superhero fare of th...

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