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So awesome!
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That's that guy from Skins!!!I know 'em!

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the hank mcoy footage was very good.
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that might be the only reason i watch it, or for mags
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This was already posted

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Awww I was hoping for a new video.  This is the same as the one posted the other day here.

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Pretty cool stuff.

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This movies gonna be awesome
Not a great comic adaptation, but a great film in general :D 

wooo, Love the heavy use of Mystique in First Class. It makes up for the lack of screentime she deserved in the original trilogy.
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I gonna love this movie, i'm a sucker for anything X-men related!

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She is totally manipulating him. I love it.

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Why must this movie look so good!
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Once again, a very cool trailer for X-men First class. =)