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When Ward was revealed to be a bad guy, I kept thinking and hoping he was going to end up as a double-agent but for the good. Perhaps he was going to reveal something but no, that didn't happen and he just continued to be more and more of a threat.

Brett Dalton pulled off the role well. He's doing the "new" version of Ward well without it being too cheesy....or sticky. I wondered if they actually did pour honey or corn syrup on him. I thought that was kind of funky, was expecting blood but I get why.

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@decept_o: From the set visit interview:

BRETT: Guys, this is the best idea you’ve ever had. This is amazing. Let’s do it. And all throughout the day, they’re telling me how they’re warming up this goo and they had vats of it and they had different viscosity for different ones. So there were three ones. There was one that was really slippery, one that was kind of thick. Anyway, it spreads a lot. So what I ended up having to do is they put a bucket of this stuff on me and immediately I wanted to be in my trailer.

CHLOE: How long did it take to get off?

BRETT: Oh, just forever. It took forever.

CHLOE: Did it get up your butt?

BRETT: It got everywhere you’d imagine goo would go.

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