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Can't wait for it to finally come out!

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All the comic vine video content!!! Although I think calling it Ultimate Spider-man wasn't a good choice considering Marvel already has an ultimate brand, but I do like the premise

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Posted By SilverZeo

Okay sounds good... though the animated clips seem like the Teen Titans cartoon...

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man of action was good in the first 3 seasons of ben 10. but after that it became doucheville usa. they could've just continued spectacular spider-man. hoping for something good.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

So far this program looks like crap 
Also ether Babs is really small or these guys are huge

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interesting for sure

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Not so sure about this being from the Ben 10 creators. That show just never grabbed me. I always felt that Spectacular Spider-man cartoon already felt like Ultimate version.

I would like to give this a chance, at least; but I don't think my cable service has Disney XD. Is it a separate channel from the Disney Network? I have regular Disney Channel, but never watch that channel since they canceled Kim Possible.

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@spiderbat87:OMG! I was thinking the exact same thing on both accounts.

This show looks absolutely atrocious. Well done, Disney!