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Not today you're not

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Posted By Teerack

It looks amazing.

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Posted By righteous300

Uhh no.

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Posted By Sleepbutnodream15

haha, did anyone else notice Wolverine said "Not today!" in two different scenes? Geez this is gonna be garbage. Just read the comic.

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Posted By eamon542000

Why cant this be an animated movie?!

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@eamon542000: Marvel doesn't want to put any money in animation that's not specifically aimed towards kids.

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Posted By RisingBean

And it looks like garbage. It's sad Marvel gave up on putting out good animation.

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Posted By gor724

Not the biggest fan of motion comics.

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Posted By blindstar907

Why does marvel have to be terrible with animated movies? DC poops all over them. id love to see really good animated Marvel stories, like Civil War, Annihilation, Infinity Gauntlet, any of those big stories would be awesome. Even little stories would be good. Just make better animated movies, none of that Motion comic garbage.

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I loved the Wolverine: Weapon X series. But it only lasted 16 issues. There could've been more of it.

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I refuse to buy motion comic crap. Start making adult oriented animated movies based on great story lines you cheap bastards!

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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

I refuse to buy motion comic crap. Start making adult oriented animated movies based on great story lines you cheap bastards!

I couldn't agree more. At the very least they could make more Marvel Anime, it's not great, but it's better then this.

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Posted By viin

Why does marvel keep making these? I dont think there is a marvel story that I would like to see in this format. Quit trying to make money and make good comics!

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Posted By Snikterine

I prefer the motion comics for the reason that animated movies look simplistic. I want a movie that looks great as the comic art.

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Posted By zombietag

i cant stand this stuff

you trying to make a cartoon? are you trying to make a comic? why cant you go one way or the other?

if people want more high quality cartoons from marvel instead of the simple garbage theyve been putting out theres actually a solution: marvel could make more high quality cartoons

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Posted By illmatic4177

@viin: Make good comics? Marvel's comics are firing on all cylinders right now. They are selling tons of books and getting rave reviews. They got that figured out lol, now it wouldn't hurt to put a little effort into their less then spectacular animated division.