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For a Father's Day teaparty I have to imagine he would invite Galacta, his daughter. The cosmic duo eagerly await the arrival of the first guest, Mogo, who has arrived into the Marvel U due to a very polite invitation from former herald, Aunt May. Before Galactus and his daughter try to eat Mogo, Franklin Richards arrives with current president/CEO of Hostess inc. William Toler who brings all the Twinkies that exist on planet Earth. With this Galactus and Galacta's hunger is sated, but for how long...?

Epilogue: Galactus asks ComicVine for a glass of milk to go along with his Twinkies and Tea.

This post brought to you by this 2008 review of Marvel Team Up 137.

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3 more days to answer

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Silver Surfer would be tere to pour everyones tea because you know the Devour of Worlds isn't going to. Maybe Thanos if he isn't busy trying to court death, could be a double date even.

Maybe a celstial or two.

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I envision that Galactus would invite some of his other Marvel buddies that really like to eat stuff. So the guest list would be Ga Lak Tus, Freakshow, Maggott and the Marvel Zombies. However, this would quickly escalate to a free-for-all eating contest Hungry Hungry Hippos style. Silver Surfer and other past Heralds of Galactus would be responsible for replenishing the food on the table in between each eating round.

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Well Aunt May would be there since her a Galactus are like BFF'S. I would say Frankly Richards and Silver Surfer would both get invites as well but the guest of honor would be Bendis since his aim in comics seems to be the same as Big G and that's to consume and destroy.