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Great video! 

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I personal would like to see an expanded universe based around batman inc being a global franchise. That way Dc can use Tim  and Dick as Batman as well as Damian and Terry  since they could all have their own  territories. Bruce could then essentially take a simualr role to the beyond universe and work alongside Oracle and perhaps even Selina Kyle as trainers and guides for the active batmen and members of the inc. 

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Great video! Bruce should never age and eventually they'll have to do another reset of continutity. I think all the possible futures are interesting. I grew up with the Batman cartoons and Batman Beyond, so i'm very interested in that, and i agree with tony i want to see more of that universe.  But i'd love to see more possible futures for Batman.

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I would like to see Batman Beyond future because it looks a cool future,but it shows Bruce Wayne giving the mantle to next generation,but also teaching his skills to someone else.I also like the batsuit because it looks perfect for the future and seeing a new Batman for the next generation is cool and show that Batman is always around and stiil is Gotham's guardian.

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I like the idea of Terry becoming Batman, whether it is through the path in the cartoon or in Morrison's 700.  We know the future can't be Kingdom Come though because Max Lord ended that future possibility in Brightest Day

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wow quite good i think i would like the batman beyond future but i dont know if i want damian as terry's mentor
But i wonder why we always see bruce and barbra why not dick and tim or jason i mean hes met batgirl as the commisioner why not these guys as ceo's or cops or just for training the training bruce cant do anymore 

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I hope they use the Dark Night Returns but not strikes again. I would like to see Brue age and pass and Damian take over but then I wouldnt konw what to do with Dick because I like him aswell

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I hate TDKR, that's where people got the dumb@$$ idea that Bruce Wayne can actually beat Superman. Batman 700 is my personal favorite because in BB we never get the story of Damien. It was stated that Tim Drake was the last Robin and then Bruce stopped taking them in.  

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I would like to see a future where Terry is Batman but Tim, Dick, and Damian are all still around and kicking, and occasionally don their suits and fight crime. But, each had a role to play in training Terry so he could become the ultimate Batman, since he is Bruces' clone.

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In a recent issue of JL:Generation Lost, Captain Atom sees a future Damian Batman and when asked how is this possible...  lazarus pit.

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hopefully its Beyond , Terry is a totall boss
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I'd like to see the Terry McGinnis future.  

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@Superguy1591: He didn't beat him at full strength. Superman was still recovering from being blown up my that atomic bomb. And then he was hit with the kryptonite arrow. In normal regular circumstances old Bruce Wayne wouldn't stand a chance. 
That said, great video. I think it'll depend on how long Morrison stays on Batman.
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I love The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes again those are easily my two favorite 
stories-lines and books in comics, but I like them as they are and wouldn't want them to be messed with. Instead I like the idea of an older Bruce Wayne, still kicking butt! I'd like to see that, and maybe him preparing to pass the mantle on to the next generation in Terry, but I'd like to see something with Helena too!

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Kingdom Come (Earth 22) Batman Beyond (Earth 12) and the Dark Knight (31) saga really are alternate realities than the future many of these stories probably gain that status since writers do not want a story of what can happen in the character's future (which may never come) to decide what stories they want to tell so they decide to remove the events in exchange for more freedom best way to describe why they they are at first possible futures then alternate realities stuff like continuity also makes working towards these alternate futures less likely.
I only see characters like Damian becoming the main Batman and Bruce being forgotten if copyright laws and legal technicality might mean Bruce becomes public domain but a younger character like Damian could be whoever owns DC in the future would want to somehow keep Batman rights and using Damian would be the key.

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Bruce will never age out of Batman, because Bruce is Batman. Period, End of Story. Dick Grayson was nothing more than a place holder while Bruce was on hiatus. I'm not okay with removing Bruce Wayne. I'm 1,001 ways not okay with that.
The Batman Beyond series was a fun cartoon. Only part I didn't like much was that Terry wasn't a detective.

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I agree with GMan I want to see Terry's world :)

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Awesome. I love Terry McGinis. That being said, I don't think it is alright to age Bruce too much, but I have to disagree with Babs since, to age Damian, you have to age Bruce. It wouldn't make sense to still have a 32yr old Bruce and a 22yr old Damian. which is why Damian should be aged to 16 yr old at max, so that Bats can still have his do his own thing.
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I think they should age terry and make his little brother robin.So it could be batman and robin beyond.

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Batman Beyond is from the animated future. It has nothing to do with comics. Even the comic is an extention from the animated universe. Notice in the comic Nightwing never becomes Batman. 
But there was one instance where Batman Beyond was in continuity. In Grant Morrisions Batman run. I think thats more like adapting that Batman into the DCU. Just like Harley Quinn was adapted into the DCU.
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The thing I always liked about Bruce is that he didnt venture too far into the unbelievable, he always stayed the superhero that was theoretically possible.  Dick has Starfire though which is a strange for a realistic hero.    Whatever the future holds I hope it stays true to the roots of the Bruce Wayne character, but I dont think it necessarily has to be Bruce in the cowl. 

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@doordoor123 said:
" Batman Beyond is from the animated future. It has nothing to do with comics. Even the comic is an extention from the animated universe. Notice in the comic Nightwing never becomes Batman. But there was one instance where Batman Beyond was in continuity. In Grant Morrisions Batman run. I think thats more like adapting that Batman into the DCU. Just like Harley Quinn was adapted into the DCU. "
This was mentioned in the video. Since Grant Morrison wrote into Batman #700, it gives it a little bit more of a possibility.
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@G-Man said:
" @doordoor123 said:
" Batman Beyond is from the animated future. It has nothing to do with comics. Even the comic is an extention from the animated universe. Notice in the comic Nightwing never becomes Batman. But there was one instance where Batman Beyond was in continuity. In Grant Morrisions Batman run. I think thats more like adapting that Batman into the DCU. Just like Harley Quinn was adapted into the DCU. "
This was mentioned in the video. Since Grant Morrison wrote into Batman #700, it gives it a little bit more of a possibility. "

Yeah. lol.  
I should have finished the video before writing.
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Sara Lima just broke my heart ...

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@guardiandevil801: Agreed.
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Batman Beyond in mainstream continuity. Hands down. not all Batman have to be in family.

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I think, while DC lets their young characters age like Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Bart Allan, and others, they don't let the older characters age.  Batman will always be in his 30s, even if he seems in his 40s, Superman will always seem the same age, Lois will always seem the same age, even Alfred will always be around and the same age.  I think they let their young characters age to a certain point, then its like their age slows to a halt once they get to be in their 20s-30s.  For the exact reason Sara said, they are timeless characters, Batman the comic is like 72 and Batman the character is around 104 years old.  But keeping a comic character the same age lets the writer/artist/reader imagine what their future could hold. 
Marvel, on the other hand doesn't age anyone.  Even the kids stay young it seems, Franklin Richards has been a little boy for like 10 years or something, even while he has had a little sister get born and grow to being a little girl.  Spider-Man never got old despite graduating, going to college, getting a job, and all that development.  So in Marvel time is sort of standing still, where as DC has time slow down for certain characters at a certain stage of aging.
Comics are sometimes wish fulfillment, so maybe thats part of it.  These characters don't have to age or die, like us.  And maybe its part of the comic company, like DC or Marvel, letting the readers know that these characters will always be here for them.  Like a comfort thing.  Don't worry, when you want to escape the real world for a while Batman will always be here.
Some characters however, Wesley Dodds, Ted Knight, Jay Garrick, Ted Grant, and Alan Scott, they aged.  Then DC had a way to reverse their age in some story, but then they got old again.  Dodds even died (just like he died in Kingdom Come).  The characters popularity will lead to how they age.  Fans want to see Damien get older so he probably will, to a point.  We may see him as a young adult soon, but they could also explain him prematurely aging as

 or maybe they could age him to adulthood, kill him off,
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and various others wont get old or die because of their popularity.
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I agree with everyone it seems, I love Batman Beyond and finally seeing the cartoon be incorporated into the DCU comics and their level of realism.  And I want to see Damien too, maybe brought into Terry's future.  Maybe they can incorporate them all.  Batman retires, but comes roaring back in his 70s.  But like Sara said he finds out he can't do it because of his age, so maybe he passes it down to Terry.  Maybe somewhere in there Damien became Batman too, I don't know how that would fit in but maybe they could.  I just want to see more of the DCU of Terry's future shown in the realistic DC comics style.  

side not:
I want to see the Savage Dragon comic where Savage is in his 70s, or where he dies off in it.
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A combination

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Damian with Batman Beyond, definitely.

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Great video. Damian's and Terry's. So, how old is Bab's mom?

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@jblaze518: that could work because technically Terry's brother is Bruce's biological son also
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I like the Terry Mcginnis future, especially after the Epilogue episode in JLU. I like the idea of Bruce raising a son to take over his 'empire'. I like the idea that Bruce is triumphant in a way, sure crime isn't eliminated, but he has a son to take that mantle and fight injustice. He has someone he can trust Gotham to, and as a long time Batman fan that feels good. It's not as bleak as Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Again, it's not as weird as Batman 666(Not a fan of mysticism and Batman mixing like that) and it's not so disconnected from Bruce that we don't know what happened to him(DC 1 million).
As a character people care about Bruce, people want to see him win in some way, he's really the underdog that's just a badass. Beyond gives us that sense that Bruce is taken care of, that he wins(Though again crime isn't gone, it's not a campy win like that)

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I think Neil Gaiman gave the best story about what happens to Batman. He dies, and gets to start all over again. 
I think the best thing to do is to USE the idea of the multiverse. Have a universe where the characters age accordingly so that you can have your cake and eat it too. Bruce can always be batman on New Earth, and Damian can grow up on Earth-Two.

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I feel like Batman will likely never age to the point where we get one of these "futures" (at least not in the next twenty years or so), but I've always been a fan of the Batman Beyond continuity.  
Damian Wayne sure looks cool in that bat-suit, but for me, Terry is THE prospective Batman.

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Damian Wayne as batman. batman 666 plus the other bits a pieces we see of Damian like in batman 700 and batman/superman where we see him chatting to Conner is awesome. 
I do also like the whole batman beyond. 
in story would in corpirate both u would have damian be batman but bruce would come back say he is reckless or something like with azreal and then take back his mantel only to lose it because he is too old. 
Then i would have him find Terry carry on with that for a while and possibly kill off bruce either due to age or maybe he is murdered and so Damian comes back and carries on training and helping terry leading in the little clip u get from batman 700.....

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Never close the book on Bruce he is iconic

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Bruce will always be Batman

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letting Bruce age would be groundbreaking and practical. the last A-list character i can remember  aging in continuity is old grey haired Superman, and that didnt really matter becuase he was still freakin Superman.
 But with Bats, things can only get more interesting as he gets older. And once DC gets scared/sick of his old age, there are like 20 ways to bring him back to his youth.

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I like to think that Bruce has aged. How he is portrayed in the comics, to me, reflects how the characters see him. Similar to the part of Gotham Knights where each kid has their own description of how Batman looks, everyone in the DCU sees Bruce as the pinnacle of man, forever. Sure, a dip in the lazarus pit helps, but at the end of the day, its how everyone else sees the living legend.

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I'm with Sara. I want me a Damian Batman mini by Morrison and Kubert. I could see it happening without too much trouble actually. All the the future Damian stuff has been at least loosely tied into RIP in different ways, so Morrison telling that story to fill in some holes in the Batman Inc. story. 

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Just out of curiosity, has there ever been a Batman villain that has hypothesized that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same, devised a crime used specifically to lure Batman out, have cameras set around the crime area and have someone just yell out, "Hey, Bruce!" to see how he reacts?

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You guys forgot about BATMAN: YEAR 100! I like Batman Beyond but I know its a different universe.

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I prefer the Batman Beyond series future.  Because atleast there, they kept the retarded crossover bullshit to a minimum, and didn't over-complicate their stories with stuff that needs to be constantly retconned etc. 

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music too loud.. :(

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1st ofall I love th Batman Beyound future and would love to think thisis the future direction. THere are a lot of ways of getting to this point. You could have Damien age and have him be Batman an die before Terry you could have Damien become evil.  
Also for keeping Bruce ageless you could have Bruce go take a dip in a Lazeruss pit. Plenty of things you could do. 
We have recently also seen Superman's future through the lens of Batman Beyound in the Batman Superman book there recent annual showed a Superman similiar to the Kingdom come Superman he is still active and fighting but he isvery disconnected from hummanity living at a super speed almost invisible. 
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Why is everybody always talking about Batman aging? How long has Peter Parker stayed young? Or any other character? 
IT IS FICTION. Why is it a crime for the characters to be ageless?
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i want to see all futures for Batman.. I would love to see Damian's future, but I guess we'll just have to see where 20 years takes us.

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@dubman116 said:
"i want to see all futures for Batman.. I would love to see Damian's future, but I guess we'll just have to see where 20 years takes us. "

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@TheMess1428: Norm wanted to bring that up. I nixed it due to time.