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Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Jonas Scharf

Cover artists:

Main Cover A: Massimo Carnevale

Main Cover B: Robert Sammelin

Incentive Cover: Tyler Crook

Format: 32 pages, full color Price: $3.99 On sale: October 12, 2016

    • Southern Bastards meets Dune in mid-21st century America.
    • After the New Confederacy is crushed in a second Civil War, only Kentucky holds out, not recognizing U.S. sovereignty.
    • This leads to a particularly brutal crackdown in a small mountain town called Red Rock, where a mechanic and reluctant folk hero named Kade Mercer rises up to become the first feudal warlord of Appalachia.

"Where Have You Gone, Joyful Valley of Old"

Music and lyrics by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Jeremy Cady, vocals

Joel Ciaccio, bass

John Lamirande, guitar, banjo and mandolin