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There hasn't been any good portrayals of women once in Ultimates once Loeb started on it. Valkyrie somehow turned into a codependent sex freak in Ultimates 3. Horrible.

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Well I just recently re-read 'The Ultimates' from the beginning and I feel after the end of Volume 2 it just doesn't cut it for me at all, the artwork etc.
So doubt I will pick this up now from this review

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if u dont make your female characters so intresting you'll get a 2 hahahahaha 

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@Arnheln said:
" @Michael the Fly said:
" Thor + Hela= Trouble= please let it be. "
I'd do her... "
Well she is pretty hot, can't wait for the next issue.
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@Michael the Fly said:
" Thor + Hela= Trouble= please let it be. "
I'd do her...
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I have always enjoyed Frank Cho's art and style. I do wish he was on a better book though, sort of sick of the Ultimate stuff especially since Loeb ruined it all. Would love to see him on a book like She-Hulk.

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@Mr. Dead Pool:
True but Thor would do it either way if it meant getting out.
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@Yung ANcient One:
Well Vikings are infamous for rapeing and stuff like that
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Actually its not that surprising Hela would look to Thor to father a son for her. After all he is considered one of the greatest of Odin's sons and all of the Asgardian warriors. Also a quick run down on the family tree.
Thor = Son of Odin and Gaea
Loki = Son of Laufey (A frostgiant Odin slew, Odin found Loki hidden away because Laufey was ashamed of his son's small size.. hence why Loki is only Thor's half brother.)
Hela = Daughter of Loki and the giantess Angraboda.

So in conclusion Thor and Hela are not related by blood in anyway.

Back to the review, I enjoyed the way this comic panned out, anyone who didn't see the Tony Carol thing coming is blind. I am really looking forward to see how these new Ultimates and the new series is going to be.

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@ Babs 
Damn! Everyone already hopped onto my demon sex joke but I will answer your question anyway. Yes I would and did for 5 years. Although I see her more now as the Queen of Hell rather than a simple demon. 

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Babs I think Ive already slept with demons.  Or at least I have demons because of it now.
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Not shocked it was that bad, not that shocked at all.

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sick review. I'm way over the Ultimates series. Glad I got the best out of it and lost interest before everything went downhill.

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That is an impressive cover. It's annoying enough to do a double page. That must of been wild. Also, seems like kind of a waste.
Wow, Babs. Your body language speaks utter volumes in this review.
Hela wants a son? Soo, I take it she's never heard of adoption. Taken what Thor is asked. I think I would probably have a similar face if asked that.. In a round about way, aren't they related? I'm not sure about this universe and Thor. It's just that sort of practice didn't work out too well for the Egyptian royal family. Anyone ever seen that special on King Tutankhamun's DNA?
I can't remember if Loki is blood or adopted.
Sleeping with demons? In way my brother kind of did. He was married to her for almost a year. lol

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yeah he's a god and shes a pretty hot demon who's gonna back the f off after he screws her. I think, if i was in his shoes, i could manage. 
@DEADPOOL:  i already know what she means. The Ultimate U has already made most of the women into guys definitions of perfect girlfriends and skanks (at least with other heroes). This issue was almost all that, with none of the strong will that they at least SOMETIMES plug into the ladies. 
ps they completely ruined Power Princess when they switched her over.

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Babs, why weren't the girls represented very well?

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 Wow Thor sleeping with his niece to get out of hell that is  kinda lame!!!

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Leob's only problem with this book is that he cant write most of the characters in their Ultimates form also he just can't write things at an emotional level(except for the bits with Hawkeye) 
On a different note Tony Starks tumor is the size of a golf ball  
And for some reason the artist working with him get characters wrong as well

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Just read it - wasn't bad.
It was entertaining at least.
The fold out cover seemed to go on forever.
It was so long, that I started unfolding it - took a five minute break to regain my strength - and then continued unfolding it so I could see the entire picture.

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I think I will pick it up just for the Demonic Sex on the Corpse pile.......    :P
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Wow... a six page fold-out cover that only features the heroes of the book on one page.   Fill the book with pointless violence and more pointless sex.  Ostentatious: Like everything else Loeb has been associated with over the last couple years.

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tony said he had cancer ages ago, while  at the dinner with thor  and cap
while pym was beating the crap out of janice

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isn't hela loki's daughter which would make thor her uncle but not sure if its true of this universe ?
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They had no security cuz they can handle a attack all by themselves  
and Stark did say they are Broke/in a Budget... didnt he?
Stark asked Clint if he wanted a Drink cuz... thats how he deals with his emotional issues... he wasnt tryin to be a jerk... hes jus as screwed up as clint only in a different way... 
Funny moment:
 G-"Well hes a Viking"
Babs-"yea"(like that totally explains it)

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I'm just waiting for ultimate comic avengers 2 wtih leniel yu.

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@Babs:  i have done it with demons... ;D

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Cover is very fragile & inconvenient

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@sora_thekey said:

Ok... I might not buy it then... 
Question does this issue explain why the Warriors have powers? 
Cho does do art a little off... don't know exactly why but yeah... 
Plus Loeb.... he has a lot of good ideas but he doesn't always execute them in a right matter!


throught the entire issue they are trying to figure out how the defenders got the powers but they dont say for sure i have an idea and it is present during the issue sooo
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Ok... I might not buy it then... 
Question does this issue explain why the Warriors have powers? 
Cho does do art a little off... don't know exactly why but yeah... 
Plus Loeb.... he has a lot of good ideas but he doesn't always execute them in a right matter!

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saw the last page comin a mile awhile GO TONY! but yuck at the artwork, cho always makes everyone look way to buff and meaty 
Thor:  i miss valkryie 
Hela: shut up
Thor: but i miss her (whiny voice)
Hela: give me a son
Thor: .......SHAZAM

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BABS is being a hardass bitch to this issue  
lol (no offense) 
just saying yeah this was kinda crude towards the woman in this issue 
but at the same time it kinda made scence for the caracters (cept danvers) 
but zarda totaly is a skank like rember she slept with the hulk for no reason at all before ultimatum 
not banner THE HULK 
helas propostion to thor actuly makes sense 
its like in beowulf how grendels mother wants a new son from beowulf after he kills grendal
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everyone seems to have a problem with loeb nowadays, my problem is that he doesn't seem to get the Ultimate universe, he's pretty clear on the idea that its outside of regular continuity, but not so much on the whole, realistic part, that said i definatly feel that this issue was a step in the right direction, it feels more like the ultimates instead of the avengers, and i appreciate that
i like the pacing of the issue, it may be a little fast, but thats a good thing, my biggest problem with ultimate comics avengers is that it seems too slow to me
anyway, my point is, this feels like ultimates, and i liked it
but there was too much sex (and when a teenager says that, you know its true)
PS: the know it all mythology geek in me wants to point out that Hela isn't a demon, shes the norse goddess of Helheim (which is for people who don't die gloriously in battle)

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Posted By movieartman

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Posted By Adam Michaels
I recommend you read Ultimates and Ultimates 2. I suggest you get the Paperback or Hardcover because reading it all one shot helps you see how nicely it flows together. One of my personal favorite comics. Ultimates 3 was all right, but it went away from what the first 2 titles accomplished.

@War Killer:
Millar and Hytch's Ultimates was a masterpiece. It was paced perfectly and the art... can't say enough about the art. It had the cinematic feel to it that didn't force useless action into the issue for the sake of having someone punch someone. Whatever happened fell right into the story. And to me, whether it's comics, films, tv, cartoons, novels, or anything, if everything that happens flows together logically, I will be a happy customer.
As for the book, I usually try to reserve judgment with first issues. I'll give them a chance to show me that they have a destination with all of this.  
To me, it's like a stranger that walks into a room. You'll have your first impression. Maybe he's ugly, scary looking, or uninteresting. But if he sits down and you strike up a conversation, then you will know for sure if you like this person or not. I apply the same logic with comics. The first issue might seem odd or out of place, but with each issue I get to know the story better and I then decide if I like it or not.
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Ultimate Stark has had a brain tumor since Ultimates vol 1
It's why he joined the team.

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@War Killer:
Yeah it does sound like an old timey myth
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Big shock, @G-Man giving  a 3.5. Seems to be giving a lot of those lately...

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The two biggest things that bothered me about this issue was that this takes place eight months later, UCSM took place six months later and teh city was brand new, yet here it was still being rebuilt? But they may be Cho's fault on that part. The second is that there's to much action, Loeb needs to slow it down a little, I liked how Millar had parts in his book where you just saw Steve out with Bucky and Gail, or some of the team at a party or something, I like action, but the Ultimates are human as well. 
I also understand where Babs stood on the way woman were shown in this story, but out of the three, Carol was the only one I felt was out of character, Zarda was all over Hyperion and she slept with Hulk, so seeing her making moves on Cap didn't suprise me at all. The Hela and Thor part to me really felt like an old Norse story, maybe it's because we've been reading those kind of stories in my English class, but making Thor's only way to freedom being through having a child with Hela, ruler of the Underworld, sounds like an old myth type story to me.

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I've never gotten very much into the Ultimate comics. Do ya'll reccomend it?
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Thor + Hela= Trouble= please let it be.

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The cover is like a comic book Bayeux Tapestry. o.o 

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Hmm, too bad. I was hoping it would be a good series....
Btw, are you guys still doing the Pull List vids or has that been dropped with the little overhaul? I really liked those!

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from every review I read else where it seems like thumbs down.  Loeb has written classics but the bad stories are just below bad and people aren't afraid to say so.  I enjoyed Ultimates vol 3, more for the art tho, because I didn't like how Loeb made the Ultimates even more like the 616 when the cool thing about the Ultimates is its not the 616.  I like Thor, but his dialogue is awful, I don't like the Shakespear speak, I liked how he talked normal in Ultimates and Loeb killed that, plus he had Mads go back to drawing the characters more like 616 also.  That;s like shitting on what Bryan Hitch did.  Haven;t read this yet and but Im not looking forward to it.