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I didn't know that they make trailers for comics. It was very good. I'm interested to see what happens.

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Don't let me down Remender!!!
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Posted By Emerald Dragonfly

...a trailer... for a-- comic book? All right, MARVEL is totally Millar-style now.

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I wished Domino was on the team... either way, the roster is giggidy diddly badass.
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No Domino... no x-force...

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Looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet :)

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while im not a fan of the X-Men titles (aside from New Mutants), I'll probably be picking this up. 

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I am so looking forward to this! :)

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@mesosteros said:
" No Domino... no x-force... "
Sure Domino has luck on her side, but I thank Phantomex and Deadpool mooooooore than make up for what she brings to the table. But you never know, Remender did say in an article that this is not the complete roster. 
Maybe Apocalypse will join? (j/k)
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Absolutely excited!! Cannot wait to see more of Psylocke and Deadpool!!
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Still unsure about Deadpool on the team, just more of the character being driven into the ground

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could be the best team book marvel has.  hoping domino joins also

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I'm happy.

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Not really an X reader or Marvel reader but Fantomex always was cool to me and this looks interesting. 

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Damn, that gave me goose bumps!!
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Ooo lalala, that looked cool, hope the comic lives up to the trailer
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Do you really think they'll kill Apocalypse i mean come on, even if they do he'll be back

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can't wait for this!
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This looks great!

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can't wait for this series

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Psylocke ?
Does every team need a telepath?

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Remender is a great writer and he is excellent for  x-force,I really hope this good!

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That was great

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SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (don't think i could properly convey my excitement without screaming like a little girl)

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Looks amazing. I'm glad Deadpool's in it.

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@Gokujam:  I agree.  I haven't felt like this since I was like 10 or something.  Very excited for this title.   This will be better than the new x-men vs. Vamps arch.  I like it so far, but it is kinda slow moving for me.   I love the last x-force team and story archs.   This I feel will be epic.
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Posted By Omega Ray Jay

I was interested, then i heard the killing Apocalypse part, I'm sold.

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@ComicMan24:@Emerald Dragonfly:  Marvel has been making trailers for comics for a long time now! There was one for Siege, Planet Hulk and even one for Ultimate Spider-Man #25
This looks awesome, I didn't know the new X-Force was going to attempt to kill Apocalypse, that sounds worth reading... maybe
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@sora_thekey: I haven't seen those.
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this looks really goo. I am very excited. 

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this looks good 

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Psylocke's one of my favourite, all-time. I hope this is good and I hope I can get behind Opeña's art. There was one preview with the team flying down and Psylocke's face was bad.

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Posted By eldestrisk

This was the best thing I watched this week. =)

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  Meh, I'm pretty apathetic about this title.

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Posted By IkarosZ

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Posted By Decept-O

That was great.
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Posted By IronSpidy-Rooney

Fudgin WOW

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Posted By DarkSyde79

Can't wait... adding to pull list. :oP

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Posted By N7_Normandy

I was excited before the trailer.  Know that I've seen it, I'm drooling on the floor.

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Posted By Dipic

Love, love, love Psylocke... can't stand Deadpool. Not sure about this one...

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Posted By IrishX

Awesome. I like the lineup and Opena's art so I can't wait for this series to start.

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that little kid towards the end of the trailer is En Sabah Nur?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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had apocalypse even done anything recently? this seemed random, but okay.
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Looking forward to this one.  I like the idea of Wolverine leading 'rouge ops' rag-tag group (a la The Losers?) Also loving the trailer for a new story arc video.  So long as it's not over-done (THIS month read as blah blah).  Should never turn your nose up at our loved industry embracing new media!

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Posted By Magian
@jordama said:
" had apocalypse even done anything recently? this seemed random, but okay. "
His most recent appearance from what I can remember was in Messiah War  but that was happening in an alternative future. He also appeared in the Avengers but he was also from an alternative universe.
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I rarely buy Marvel but I have to admit, this looks pretty good. (but at first I thought it was a motion comic... I hate motion comcis.)

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@sora_thekey: There were also much older ones, long movie screen formatted, of Hulk (trying to shoot himself), Elektra, Captain America (by John Cassaday) at Ground Zero, and others.  Marvel used to post a lot of trailers every week it seemed like.  I loved those.
They got my interest with Apocalypse.
But it seems like the X-Men have sort of changed.  Didn't it used to be they had to be heroes through and through to prove to the humans that mutants aren't monsters.  Now it seems like they are just trying to survive or something, and killing doesn't matter.  I don't know, I haven't actually been reading the comics, just following them.
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Oh.. my.. god!.. that looked so freakin' awesome!

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i'm totally getting this now

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