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joker impression sounds like yoda lol

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Awesome job again Tony! Your voices crack me up. That horse killing was messed up, but it was the killing right after that one that, really creeped me out! That's not Mr. J anymore. He's a psycho-bat-stalker Sith lord.

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The Joker face upside down was crazy and funny. Peter Tomasi is sick, I can't wait for #16

I'm also worried about Joker's future, his face is cut off, his skin is going to rot off. Maybe HUSH puts it back on? It would be awesome that the Joker appears at the end of #17 with his face back on. And that HUSH was financing him to get back at Bruce.

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Yeah! So much Joker stuff! I love them.

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Best use of the wilhem scream this week!!!

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@geoff2005 said:

joker impression sounds like yoda lol

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Hats off to Dennis Hopeless for actually making fun of Liefeld using one of his own characters

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You feelin okay Gman? You look kinda sweaty n ur hairs a bit messy.

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Wilhelm scream!

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Your "oh my god, my legs" made me laugh a lot haha

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so much death of the family! it's overwhelming!!!

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Kaine's costume has grown on me

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The Joker is very creepy.

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The joker is trolling