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Lol, I knew Nightwing had a thing for the ladies, but that's really pushing it.

And the way everyone's drawing Spider-woman lately, it's as if her costume was just her skin and she's just floating around like the arachnid version of Felicia from DarkStalkers.

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Cat woman should've taken her costume off!

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@G-Man Have you played the "Walking Dead" Game? If so what d'ya think of it? ALSO when you said "What a way to go" I thought you were gonna' say "What a way to... Go-Go." From the 60's BATMAN show. ^ . ^

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cool feature:-) right on!
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Haha, very funny episode! ;D


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Haha gotta love the fact that the text box with Nightwing's glove is "proceed with extreme caution", yep really don't want to know whats going to happen there ;)

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butts are necessary. always. butts.

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cant wait for deadpool kill the marvel universe to be over. its killing everything awesome about deadpool and ignoring the other heroes/villains powers in favor of gore and not-creative deaths.

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Butts, showers, and Jell-o! OH MY!!

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@JohnnyWalker: It reminds me of Ultimatum 
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This video just supported my opinion that Deadpool is one of the dumbest characters I've ever read in a comic. He's annoying. His costumes cool though.

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@cc1738 said:

This video just supported my opinion that Deadpool is one of the dumbest characters I've ever read in a comic. He's annoying. His costumes cool though.

Took the words out of my mouth.

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@G-Man: I don't know how it happened, but I meant to post that on the Deadpool video, yet I posted it here. lol.

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@cc1738: I thought you were basing your opinion on the cover mentioned here or Magneto's death.

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@G-Man: Nope. I actually thought magneto's death that was kinda epic. lol.

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Gloves are awesome and should be respected... for if there is no glove, then there can be no love

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: Yeah, I bet you don't know what wearing wet leather feels like. ^^ If I eat Jell-O will I burn in vegetarian Hell when I die?

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Alright, if nobody else is gonna say it...with regard to Magneto meeting his end by jellified acid...BOOPUHDABEEPADABOOP!

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@G-Man: for episode 8. Best creative use of a silhouette dark knight issue 12 page 5

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@G-Man: Ha! Thanks for the mention Tony. I'm really enjoying all your features. :-)

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Yeah, untreated leather + water = bad. Loved the Bill Cosby pic. The ribbed glove moment was the best.

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Thank you!