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Flash had time to do all that without being detected, but couldn't just knock Eradicator down? He had no time to weigh options, but he had time to save him and create a very contrived situation.

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These videos are a treat, g-man. Keep them coming. How about some whacky Kirby-era Cap & the Falcon?

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I was worried when I saw it was a comic from the 80's that this would be a boring segment. Clearly I had no need to worry, this one is easily and ridiculous and hilariously stupid as any of the issues spoiled so far. So good.

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ANOTHER HOME RUN! thanks Tony. Can't wait for the next one

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Some of the silver age & bronze age DC comics were very sloppy, but that was on purpose. DC was catering to a younger audience at the time. I don't mind them actually, I mean I can't read them everyday, but I think I quite like them. :)

Great job once again Gman. Your voices are epic. Waiting for some more. Hope you'll do some Marvel soon as well.

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Wow, this comic was sloppy. Thanks for pointing that out to us!

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Loved the video! Got some good laughs out of that.

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Terrific comic gman! Loved the Eradicators subconscious twist ;)

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@g_man: I hate to break it you Tony, I didn't like this issue. I thought it was pretty bad. I kind of dozed half way. :-X

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Sure do enjoy these old spoilers, G-Man! Keep 'em comin'!