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Absolutely loving this run on Batgirl, it's one of my favorite books out right now, it is the perfect example of a book that pleases fans who like the old stuff like me, and fans who want something with a newer more modern tone. It's one of the few Bat books I'm completely invested in.

Haven't gotten to read Black Canary yet (I've been traveling and a lot of new books have come out) but I'm really looking forward to that.

Wish I could continue reading Gotham Academy, it's a great series, but I just don't have the cash to keep it on my pull list.

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@captainmarvel4ever: The first issue of Black Canary was pretty good.

Maybe you can pick Gotham Academy as trade, if you can pick as solo issues. I know the first trade already came out.

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Just watching him makes me wanna read some of his work. Prolly start with Gotham Academy since I'm only on Gail Simone's second vol of Batgirl.

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His Batgirl and Gotham Academy are the only DC series I'm following. Thanks Brenden! :)

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I'm loving all of these series ^_^