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LOL! I still love this interview. 

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lol Super Woman!!  Honest mistake or seriously no knowledge about comics?  Seems he's just looking for an angle to make some money.  You decide.

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Tyrese is a really cool guy, he also gave a nice speech about us comicbook freaks and I guess he does have good intentions with his new comic, but I wonder what superwoman and wonderman would say about his new gingle?!?!?!  
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I like Babs' Squeak at 2:00
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superwoman, really..........

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Dam... Ty seems cool and hes from, WATTS... WATTS Up... but ah... Dam Ty... u #$@% up on that comic... Not Special at ALL... jus some Guy with Guns Tryin to stop a Drug Lord... thats it... NO... He should have tried to do something interesting like THE GOON... or something...JEES