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Posted By Emperormeister734


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Posted By alvaroni

I love these old reviews, thanks

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Posted By Osiris1428

Dig up Wonder Man #1. Yeah, more of these retro reviews.

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Posted By deadpoolmerc3

It just so happens that i bought this book at goodwill today..in mint condition too.. :] great review
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Posted By gambitpryde1993

Awsome review. You should review some old X-Men or Green Lantern. I like War Machine's new limited series. The conflict with Norman Osborn was great.

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Posted By Blackhorn

Awesome review man! I would apsolutely love if you did a new one :D
Also,name it Garage Reviews :P

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Posted By vidmouse

I really like this feature.  It's like seeing buried treasure (or trash)... either way,
an interesting view

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Posted By Lustwish

Sure, keep it up.  Would be interesting to test your knowledge base once in a while.  We all know a lot or our fair share,but its the oldies that really make us think and keep up from being ignorant to today's newer comics. 

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Posted By MichaeltheFly

Interesting idea G-man, what wouldn't I give to know what other "small" comics do you have in your garage.

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Posted By Iron Apollo

more reviews from the garage
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Posted By James Lasagnaboy

I though about buying this comic at a convention a few weeks ago, just for the foil cover...

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Posted By ComicCrazy

Yes yes yes more reviews from your garage!!!!
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Posted By rschomber

i just recently got the foil cover of this comic

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Posted By Mask of Tengu

I want more of these...
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Posted By Journey Into Chaos

i'd love to see more of these reviews.

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Edited By Koz

Hey G-Man, Love the flashback review. You doing the review in the Garage just adds something to it. I have that War Machine issue and I agree a 3 out 5 A Average comic for a average series. That is why it was canceled. Poor War Machine does not get the respect he deserves. Even today his newest series was canceled. Oh well. Great Review G-Man. Maybe you will pull out a Spider-Man #300 next time!! 

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Posted By gmanfromheck
@logan48227: I used to bag them all. Boarded some. Then some started going just straight into the longboxes. Then some didn't even make it into a long box. Yikes!
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Posted By AsharKhalid

Hmmm war machine :P

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Edited By logan48227

I have the foil covered version of this book. War Machine was a pretty fun read. 
Great new feature G-Man! By the way, do you bag & board your books or not?

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Posted By Raddra

I would love to see more reviews on your older comics. 
I'd love t see some classic X-Men!

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Posted By MarvelGuy15

retro reviews is a cool idea, keep it up :)
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Posted By TigerTeeth360

War Machine is very cool

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Posted By Quntumking

I like this new feature ; please keep them coming. Actually reviewing some indy comics' from the past would be cool too. Stuff like Nexus, DHP, ZEN, Evil Ernie, Lady Death, Conan, etc... Thank you.

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Posted By Grendel

Great review and great black guy voice!

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Posted By gmanfromheck

Thanks for the positive responses! I actually wasn't sure how this "feature" would go over. I've selected the next comic. All I'll say right now is it's a DC Comic and it's from 1989. Not sure when I'll film and edit so you can expect another review by next week. We'll also be introducing another new segment this weekend!

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Posted By DanP

That was really cool. Do more dude! It's nice to be educated on old comics i will most likely never have the chance to read.

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Posted By X-93

This was cool.  Very cool to me, because I grew up in the 80's and 90's.  I would love to see even some older stuff G-man has in the old garage.

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Posted By Matt1982

I have an older collection myself.  I would love to see your reviews of older books.

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Posted By darth bul

good review dude
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Posted By Malgara

This took me back to the past during the summer of '94 worked at a comic book shop seeing alot of these old issues give me a twinge of nostalgia. Good work sir.

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Posted By ultimategirlshileha1236

cool i like this do more reviews on old comics
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Posted By ShawnMichael

War Machine = Iron Man - Douchebag

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Posted By Night Thrasher

Garage Reviews are the shiznit. More please.

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Posted By joey11145

I have that comic.
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Posted By Dark Cell

Yeah sweet  review man, love to see some more!

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Posted By MatthewMoran

Everyone . . . and I mean everyone . . . needs to have a girlfriend named Ray Lacosta . . . 
E V E R O N E ! 
(hey . . . beats having a 'girlfriend' named Ray Liotta)  

Oh, and G . . . I think the Retro review idea is pretty cool!  Go for it.

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Posted By -The Renegade-

Yo G-man, you think you could do a video of your comic collection????

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Posted By spider-man 2996
@iLLituracy said:
"More reviews of old stuff would be great. "

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Posted By shawn87

how many comics do you have in your garage G-Man?

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More Reviews From The Garage. 

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Posted By Redfield

I'm totally down with more reviews from the G-arage! :)
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Posted By SUPER-MAN 23

More reviews from the garage would be great. 

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Posted By NerdKing25

of course I want more, your reviews are always awesome.

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Edited By Valestis

Yes! I do want to see more! :)

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Posted By JR_84

An interesting fact : 
the Penciler Gabe Geko is actually Gabriel Hardman who's worked on such great titles as Agent's of Atlas and Hercules. It's interesting to see an artist's work evolve with time.

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Edited By Omega Ray Jay
@G-Man: Fantastic video, I'd love to see more of these reviews. I have just literaly ( like half an hour ago) boxed up my 90's Ghost Rider series for the loft seeing as I'm moving next month, I was wondering how they were going to hold up and your War Machine one has somewhat settled my nerves a little.
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Posted By Sidie

I have always loved older comics, so I definitely want to see more.

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Posted By JeffreyBrown

the classic never die ( that's funny that last comment listen up you screw heads sounds like the right it came from army of darkness )

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Posted By jamdown

how many comics do you have G-man
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Posted By dr.x

I found it in $.50 comic book  box 

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