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Jen is great. Always infectiously enthusiastic, but still articulate, on point and organic in asking questions and following up on them. I recently finished Rucka's Punisher, and I sorta loved it. I think I'm gonna take the plunge on Lazarus at ComiXology, because it's just 1.99 per issue. That's minimal risk, really, and this interview certainly sells it to me.

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Greg has been one of my favorite writers for a long time. Lazarus is great. Really want one of those Carlyle family patches for my jacket.

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Met him last week at my LCS! Can't wait to finally read the first arc of Lazarus soon!

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Rucka is the man. Lazarus is in my top 5 on gonings right now.

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Love everything he writes!

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Lazarus! One of the best of 2013. Love how it's grounded with real modern issues! This would make a great TV show, I'd watch every week. Also, Forever reminds of Gina Carano, she was great in Haywire! Oct. 2!

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Wow, now I no longer feel ashame to be watching soap operas. It definitely has been proven to improve my writing on character's dramas and relationships. So, now i'm glad one of my favorite writers uses that. I will check out his new series someday. Thanks for bringing up the topic Jen! :-) @missj

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Yeah yeah yeah! Lazarus is so awesome.

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Sounds like a good read, Will have to keep a look out for the trade when it's released.