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Posted By gmanfromheck
@The Impersonator said:
" Oh my goodness, there always has to be a tie-in to every story arc. This Storm and Gambit one-shot is unnecessary. Seriously, they could have just shown this in the new X-Men series. What's next? Emma and Cyclops one-shot? "
Actually Curse of the Mutants: Blade one shot is also coming out the same day.
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Posted By Blackestnight1

la bla bla bla

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Posted By Big

That moan at the end of Preview Theatre becomes more and more pathetic sounding as time goes on. And as for "deplorable," that Gambit accent has to be the most ridiculous take on a cajun I could imagine, "oh-ho-hoooo" Still it was all very entertaining :)
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Posted By Ashra

Storm + Gambit = Eternal Win.   
Eternally . . .   
I dug the oneshot.

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