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I think a better question is... what are you going to do if they do drink? Try and stop them? HA HA Nick Fury trying to grapple Thor's Mug from him! HAHAHA. Or are you going to try and fire them, then what? Meny of them aren't employed by any organization although for the shield agents and the like I could see it being much more likely for Nick to say no Drinking to them, although then still refer to previous sentence...

also... Drunk Power Puff Girls...

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I don't think they should drink PERIOD- just like Secret Service agents and doctors they never know when their services will be required so they have to be at the top of their game 24/7( even when off duty). if a "normal" person can be a danger to others when intoxicated esp behind the wheel of a car, then see how more dangerous someone can be when they possess super powers- remember Spider-Man's old maxim- "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!" If this is too much to ask of them as heroes/heroines, then let them renounce their position- and bear in mind that a superhero/heroine's responsiblities are greater than any doctor, Secret Service agent or Navy SEAL!


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It should be just like being on call with anything. If your on call no drinking, but if you are not, and are partying and something goes down, call a friend to take care of the crime fighting.

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I remember in Superman III where Superman went on a major bender and was flicking peanuts at the glass bottles and busting a lot of them. My brother the scientist said it is possible for Superman to do it. If a small solid object (depending on size too) is thrown at the right speed, with the right amount of force and it hits the right spot it can destroy or seriously deflect many things.

Like how it was years ago where one small bird totally derailed a rail train almost completely off the tracks when it smacked into it.

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Depend on the charecter, Wolverine, or anybody that you can imagine would drink alchohal yes. Superman, or batman is a big no.

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this really is off your mind. free will, if ye do no harm do what thou wilt from the wiccan rede! i personally do not drink and dont want to be in a drinking atmosphere but everyone is free to make their own choices no matter their station in life

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why are so many people saying that most of the powered / aliens probly cant even get drunk? Sure, human alchol wont effect Supes, but Martian beer might.

On their off time I think they should be allowed to. Why not? The only non-drunks I would not allow would be Power Girl.

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Posted By kaliforniaa

There was an episode of Johnny Test where the city kept paging him because the trains were about to collide, or a rock climber was stuck ascending, etc. It isn't the superheroes fault that they're talented. As Johnny and his sisters said [paraphrasing], "yes, you can call us, BUT be more careful from now on, and change the train schedule". Maybe if the superheroes didn't need to save people ALL the time. Or what if they only saved people from a certain time to a certain time. ALSO, if civilians are allowed to drink, then superheroes should most definately be allowed to drink. If civilians are going to be irresponsible, then the more responsible people should be allowed to be a little irresponsible

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Posted By acon70

let them drink!

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Posted By Voltes

No one in the DCU is old enough to drink.

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who drew that pic and only during special occassion's like weddings (wine only) only Thor,herc and wolverine should drink cuz thats part of their myth

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@sunhawk said:

Where is the super hero who is powered by alcohol?

you mean this guy..

No Caption Provided

And, yes, I do consider Reid Flemming a superhero.

The greatest hero of them all!!

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Posted By mcbean

Thor and Lobo drink already

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Posted By SamRevlon

I don't drink, personal choice and all, but I think when it comes to the plot/story and character it all just depends. Wolverine can't get drunk but he fits the image of a drinking guy and the same could be said about a few others. Except I think alcoholism is probably the biggest issue that they might face, since some of them have been through Hell (literally lol). So that'd just tact on another issue.

And then its the whole "staying fit regime" minus super powers, I dont know if a superhero with mega villains wants to be drinking kyprtonite (the loaded gun talk) but maybe their alter egos might have a more fair chance to get drunk?

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Posted By GothamCity

Id love to see deadpool drunk

or wolverine

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Posted By sunhawk

Where is the super hero who is powered by alcohol?

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Everytime i see Thor with a keg I think it`s great writing so yes

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Posted By redhood21

if they didnt we wouldnt have had an iron man during the 80s! i think it should be same as anyone w/ a job...go ahead dont get too crazy and not while working

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Posted By Ferro Vida

I think a much better question would be... Who exactly could stop most of them if they wanted to?

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@cfrehse: I'm sure Spidey doesn't drink because he's a bit of light-weight.

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I would love to have a drink or two with Thor.

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There is no blanket answer.

All street levelers, yes, they are only putting themselves at risk, unless they drive or fight, but that is the same with anybody.

Any hero immunity with insanely high tolerance, yes. I mean what difference does it make?

Anyone above street level but with average tolerance, yes, but only in desolate unpopulated areas.

Anyone who is a city or planetary level threat or above. No. Too dangerous to humanity.

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Posted By iceslick

@mickeyangel: Your welcome, yeah I noticed Spider-Man is the only Marvel character in there. I think he just there for the humor.

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@iceslick: thanks. I was looking for it. I thought it was only DC but Spiderman is sneaking a peak in the window in upper left hand corner of picture.

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Posted By hushicho

Heroes do what they do, on the whole, voluntarily. Therefore, no-one is or should be able to tell them what they may and may not do in their own time. Heroes that participate in a team typically comport themselves according to the team's standards; however, no team that I can think of ever has every member 'on call' at all times. It isn't anyone's place to tell superheroes what they may, or may not, indulge in using their own private time.

Superheroing isn't even a job, most of the time. So there's absolutely no basis to try and restrict their activities as if it were.

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Posted By HexThis

If they didn't drink then it would make them unrealistic. When you work with characters so fantastical as superheroes you need to make them do regular things so they don't ultimately become 2-dimensional cartoon characters. So yeah, I think they should drink and smoke and even do drugs sometimes....not the kid-friendly opinion but, statistically speaking, if you put the whole Justice League together in one room a good percentage of them would be up to those antics.

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Posted By ARMIV2

If they can hold it, I say they ought to be fine.

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Has Franco Baltazar ever NOT changed his answer?! Lol.

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Posted By drgnx

Thor will smite you for this rule!

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I know spider-man doesn't Well the peter version. Kaine does and it doesn't seem to hinder what he does. At the end of the day they are people too...it would be like getting mad at a cop for having a beer after work. A few drinks is okay but drunkeness is not, especially when you can punch a hole through brick wall.s

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Posted By iceslick
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Obviously not Ultimate Iron Man drunk but they should be able to drink

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Posted By Lunacyde

Should they ? Probably not. Can they? I don't know who's going to stop them lol

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Cap could totally get drunk on asgardian mead. And what if Scarlet witch got drunk and said "no more futons" .

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Posted By Solomonwreath


Why is spider-man the only marvel hero in this?

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Posted By iceslick

@cristock: I don't know. lol There's a reason why Martian Manhunter is kicking him out.

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Posted By LordRequiem

If Captain America can't get drunk I'm pretty sure Superman or Wonder Woman wouldn't either.

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Posted By Cavemold

Lol Ollie in the back . Yes go ahead batman. Jagger bomb that drink

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Posted By frozenedge

If your name isn't Tony Stark then go ahead, have drink. You're allowed to as long as they don't go around trying to save lives while drunk outta their asses

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Posted By ZombieMowlcher

@kcvic: Isn't Tony a raging alchoholic in the comics?

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Posted By snarkybits

In Captain America: First Avenger, Cap said thanks to the super soldier serum, he cannot get drunk.

Is it the same thing in the comic?

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Pfft James Bond drinks like a fish and he still manges to save the world

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Posted By CrisTocK

@iceslick: what is spider-man doing there??? xD

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Posted By gmanfromheck
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Posted By GeekOfKrypton

Alcohol should not affect Superman!

I believe Superheroes should drink! they're adults and have downtime like everybody else. If they can have gratuitous sex why not alcohol?

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No. Kids look up to super heroes. Drinking isn't going to inspire them in the right direction, if that makes sense. Unless it causes problems with them and they learn from it.

Honestly...shielding kids from the real world is just a terrible thing to do.

More often than not...they grow up and move out...and then they experience all the things they have been shielded from and screw up their lives.

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No...of course they shouldn't be allowed.

We should expect them to protect humanity...but we can't allow them to actually be human and have a life themselves.

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Posted By SlickyMike88

Yes, then they feel more relateble to me

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No. Kids look up to super heroes. Drinking isn't going to inspire them in the right direction, if that makes sense. Unless it causes problems with them and they learn from it.

I agree with this statement.

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