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Posted By csl316

Sure, he should find a good Robin. Though I agree that someone older would be nice. Having kid sidekicks get beat up is one of Batman's weirdest powers, I think.

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Posted By Gordon Kelly

Spoiler should be the new Robin or a new Damian as Robin. I think Batman knows that Damian was a clone that was killed and that the real Damian is captured by the League of Shadows. I do not know. Just keep reading the comics it will tell you.

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Posted By TimeLordScience

I don't think there should be another character named Robin unless Damian returns. He can have a sidekick, but they shouldn't be called Robin and they shouldn't be a child.

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Posted By The_Vein

Batman's obsession with young, dark haired boys is a little creepy.

The fact that he keeps getting them or their families killed makes it even worse.

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Posted By Jeeves

I'd like to see maybe Stephanie Brown as the next robin. She's older then most of the people who took up the robin title, plus a female robin would bring in more female readers. Plus it's Steph! She was a grate character