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A Sasquatch!?!

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Practical example: Geoff Johns pretty much killed my interest in Trinity War when he gave away the result of the event in order to explain Forever Evil. It might be a good story in itself, but I am just not willing to spend money to read it when I already know the result.

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Exactly why I just avoid spoilers to be quite honest. Call me old fashioned but I like to be surprised. I'm most in agreement with Venditti's position though; I'm ambivalent on the issue. They can be good in some ways (for sales maybe) but for comics, not so much. And if I've said it once I've said it a million times...Lobdell is one funny mo'fo!

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I like to aways try and avoiding any type of spoilers so that it'll keep me excited to buy the issue(s). I mean, this goes both ways; for readers, no spoilers is the way to go but in the comic industry's point of view, spoilers help increase the sales on their comics. It all depends what your spoiling.

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I'm pretty sure good writing makes spoilers irreverent. When writing is gripping, knowing the end doesn't ruin the experience. A skilled writer uses your knowledge of where things are going to say more meaningful things along the way. Hence books you reread and enjoy more the second time.

Granted, there isn't a lot of comic writing that holds up to that quality- the novelty of surprise becomes more important to writing of simpler ambitions.

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Practical example: Geoff Johns pretty much killed my interest in Trinity War when he gave away the result of the event in order to explain Forever Evil. It might be a good story in itself, but I am just not willing to spend money to read it when I already know the result.

Why'd you bother to read the spoilers? Just curious

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I am quite tempted to pick up an Issue of Green Team, It looks quite cool

Lobdell is quite funny

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Spoilers hurt the comics story but they don't hurt comics sales, pepole will read the comic regardless if they know what happens next

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I think we just need better Previews. I remember when Civil War was advertised, I was hyped by the way they presented it.

Spoilers obviously hurt the story but of course it depends on the degree of the spoiler. I don't think the Geoff Johns video for the Trinity War didn't spoil the Trinity War that much. From the video, we/I thought that the Prime-Earth villains were the ones orchestrating the war but reading it so far, it's the crime syndicate and leads into Forever Evil.

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@peppeyhare said:

@outside_85 said:

Practical example: Geoff Johns pretty much killed my interest in Trinity War when he gave away the result of the event in order to explain Forever Evil. It might be a good story in itself, but I am just not willing to spend money to read it when I already know the result.

Why'd you bother to read the spoilers? Just curious

That one happened to fall inside one of Johns SDCC panels where he talked about Forever Evil. Another example is Lobdell who @g_man spoke to and (probably) accidentally spoiled the end of Teen Titans #22. Also, it isn't helped by book solicitations and covers giving pretty big hints at what's going to happen next (see TT #24, hard to be surprised that Raven might turn on the Titans after that).

On the other hand, I read reviews and [Spoiler] threads on message boards when its about books I either have no intention of reading (and I am bored) or is on the fence about buying the issue.

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Both, as long as they dont spoil too much, like one scan or artwork is good because it makes you guess.
Avengers Arena spoilers have turned me off in a big way

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They obviously help if your not reading it to get your attention, it's happened to me "hey see Batman gets blah in this" and I'm like "hmmm I'll give it a look" or something but if your currently reading and don't want spoilers... simple, don't look.

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i think a lot of the best stories come from surprises like look at the night gwen stacy died. no one expected it and they didnt even title it till the last page and its probly one of if the the most talked about comics ttoday from that long ago. now see if today they were going to do the death of gwen stacy you would hear about it for about 5 months there will be like 90 threads for it on here and im sure twitter would be flooded and by the time it actually comes out youre hearing about an event thats not going to happen for another 6 months but everyone is talking about that even so the story that just came out loses its impact

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Practical example: Geoff Johns pretty much killed my interest in Trinity War when he gave away the result of the event in order to explain Forever Evil. It might be a good story in itself, but I am just not willing to spend money to read it when I already know the result.

My thoughts exactly.

Getting a sneak preview is really cool but having an entire plot spelled out months before it happens destroys any anticipation or interest for me. I'm very disappointed with how much they revealed about Trinity War.

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Definitely harmful. I do my best to avoid them. It's the worst when people put stuff in headlines of threads or articles about stuff that JUST came out. When you call them out on it they're like "Well it's out so it isn't a spoiler."........YES IT IS you motherf***er!!

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I choose to buy new comics based on the solicit and review, similar to how I choose to buy new books on the shelf. If that's considered a "spoiler" then so be it. Why go blindly into a comic shop and pick a title without having a good idea of what I'm buying. On the other hand, if the "spoiler" is about a title I already subscribe to then I can bypass any tidbits I might glean from reading something online or from a solicit.

One final note. If not for the buzz generated by solicits (i.e. spoilers) and reviews of titles like Aquaman or Demon Knights, I would completely ignore them. How do you market and generate interest in anything beyond mainstream characters like Batman or Spider-man otherwise?

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Yes spoilers do ruin it, just like any other entertainment. But if you're a true fan you'll read it or watch a show if its been spoiled

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I like reading about what the writers have in mind for the future. That being said if they flat out say the ending of an arc you are left scratching your head.

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I am not a big fan of spoilers especially when the book gets spoiled before its released. I look at the solicits when they come out because one I like some of the covers that they show and two it gives me an idea on the future of the book like knowing when a book is being cancelled or the book gets a new team working on the book or when a writer's run on a book is ending or a new story arc is happening. I read interviews with writers and artist so I can have an idea what a writer has planned to do with a book like Dan Slott telling us in an interview that Spider-Man 2099 will appearing in Superior Spider-Man or Scott Snyder telling us what he plans to do with Batman in Death of the Family or Zero Year.

However when Marvel or DC reveal a pretty big spoiler before the comic gets released like Ultimate Cap becoming president or Angel coming to Marvel or revealing the Crime Syndicate are the main antagonists of Forever Evil. When the solicits for Ultimates 15 & 16 first came out they said classified and the day before the book came out, Cap becomes President was revealed. Age of Ultron having an ending no one would see coming. I did not expect Angela from Spawn to come from Image to Marvel. I would have never have guessed that but I knew because Marvel revealed Angela would be in the Marvel universe. The Crime Syndicate of America. Knowing that there in Forever Evil changes things. They could have said, Lex Luthor gathers villains to for a purpose or something crazy happens in the final part of Trinity War. I thought Forever Evil was about a group of villains showing the world that they're evil and there here to stay. I rather have a hint then having the whole thing revealed.

As for the movie trailers revealing to much, I feel like they did that in one of the trailers I saw for Yes Man. Does anyone remember that movie? It has Jim Carrey in it. Its about a guy who says Yes to stuff. One of the trailers showed Jim Carrey's character reveals that he wasn't always a Yes Man or a positive guy before and he's going to start now. From that line, I guess the plot of the movie & I was right on the money. My guess: A guy who down in the dumps and says no decides to start saying Yes to life. After a while things start to have some consequence and decides to stop being a Yes man.

For the most part, I want to be surprised when something comes out. I don't mind a hint but spoiling the whole thing sucks. It's like telling a kid what they got for their birthday before they even open it.

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Knowing what happens and how it happens are a bit different. But don't spoil the endings...or the why!

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Joshua Dysart didnt answer the question! Damn artists always trying to be so poetic! :)

Scott completely tricked me on that one, I actually believed he was going off the rails at the end of the interview!

G-man, got to say you do a great job at planning these ahead!

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I know this is in no way relevant but Scott Lobdell is so awkwardly and infuriatingly unfunny. His lack of humour exhausts me and him trying to put his noncomedy into his characters, therefore breaking the characters, is sad.

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If the company is trying to reach a wider audience, in almost all cases that being the non avid reader, then spoilers offer a means to get the customer excited and hopefully bring in repeat business. However, to the hobbyist who reads comics because it is his/her passion then yes I see spoilers as an acute deflation of the excitement that a story arc should bring the reader.

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One of the few times they tookthe answer seriously and gave some insightful/realistic answers. Spoilers is not ok. promoting and giving hints are. But I would say rather to little than to much.

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As someone who has watched television soap opera decline, the detailed spoiler is generally considered one of the main reasons the medium has declined, and the same thing can happen with comics . What always happens is people decide they hate something before it even plays out, or people don't bother to buy it because they already know what will happen and it kills their excitement. If there must be spoilers, they should be as vague as possible - as tupiaz said, promotion and hints, but no more than that.

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Spoilers are only neccesarry due to low comic sales

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Honestly? I like to know what's ahead. If I support the move, I'll buy the book.

But it seems that the only spoiler these days is just writers going nuts and killing characters left and right.

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I am all for anything that can help sell more comics. The bigger the sales the better it is for the reader in the long run. So giving away big spoilers is a positive and should be done but only if the publisher thinks it will boost the sales. I don't think spoilers should be given away on a regular basis.

I also think the way the spoilers are given away can be handled in a cool way. They can give away an occurrence of an event but leave the outcome of the event unspoiled. For example, Damian's death should not have been spoiled but rather let the readers know that "he is fighting the biggest battle of his life that will change batman comics forever". Readers can make their own conclusions.

Finally part of the responsibility lies on the media outlets. I think it would be much better to allow the reader to make the choice whether he/she wants to be spoiled instead of forcing it by plastering the spoiler in the headlines.

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Fact of life with the net unfortunately.

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Jimmy and Amanda had the coolest answers. I think some spoilers helped me get back into comics but I tend to avoid them if I'm really into a certain book. I typically check out spoilers of huge upcoming events and that's about it. I think the topic of spoilers in any entertainment medium is really more about self restraint. Some people still have the patience to experience a story after its full creation phase and others simply can't. The internet certainly doesn't help the wishes of the former group and yet it's where the latter tend to thrive. It comes down to personal preference but it's worth keeping abreast of current events in comics if you're a regular consumer. And for the record I don't care when Comicvine spoils stuff on the podcasts. Patience is a virtue we could all benefit from.

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I don't believe the spoilers stop people from purchasing good books. Spoilers stop people from purchasing bad books. When Yahoo News did the article on Spiderman unmasking in Civil War, Marvel had to run an immediate reprint. In contrast, if somebody would have told you that Final Crisis would end when because Superman sings into a magical wish-granting karoke machine, would you have bothered buying the 7 months of $3.99 issues that lead up to it?

A bad ending gets outed or a stupid plot twist gets revealed and it turns people off, but a great story gets praised or a huge twist happens that surprises everyone and it sells out almost instantly. If spoilers are hurting more stories than they help, it's because the quality of writing is becoming more lax. Age of Ultron was a bad story that resorted to all the horrible clichés, and so when the finish was revealed, the drop in sales reflects the people who were hoping it would improve and found out for sure it did not. Gratuitous deaths that do not actually count outside of the miniseries, time travel and universe hopping in the main continuity to justify bad storytelling, and the chief villain is little more than a cameo. The fact we found out about Angela ahead of time meant nothing, or even the breaking of the multiverse/timestream; it was simply a lousy story and when we found out that it never improves, then it became okay to give up on it.

I will never not-buy a comic because I found out it is really good. That's like refusing to watch a movie because your friends told you it was awesome. On the flip side, if I find out that the new restaurant in town serves the grossest food my friend has ever tasted, then I do not feel the need to sample their plate full of vomit.

Spoilers only hurt if the truth about the story is that it stinks.

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I love spoilers. I like knowing if something is worth my time or money before I waste it. In fact, I tend to enjoy the story better because I know how it will end. I know what to expect which allows me to savor the great character moments because I am not in a hurry to get to the end. I hate not knowing if the writer is going to bait and switch or if something I can't forgive will happen. A good story doesn't become less of a good story due to spoilers.

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@ashr: how do you market mainstream characters you ask? do events like the whole spidey doc ock brain switch and I am sure that Batman has had a few events but i'm not as much as a dc reader ( don't blame me.)