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I'm sorry but Sam Humphries gets my vote!!! lol, he was the best!

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Buccellato did it in the most authentic Adam West-Like fashion.

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Humphries was all into it! He gets the win simply for dedication.

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Oh my god batman is Jojo bizzare adventure fabulous

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I batusi all night long

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Darn, the marvel guy did the better one... I guess they had to be better than DC for at least one thing ;)

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Sam killed it!

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Do you Batusi?! How else am I going to pick up girls?

I wonder why Christian Bale never did it?

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I don`t, but I should.

This was fun.

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Do I Batusi?

Oh, I can Batusi your shirts off!

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No @missj Batusi?

Unfair to the artists. Plus, you gotta commit to the bit.

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Batusi > anything Miley Cyrus dance

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I love this video!

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@wundagoreborn: I didn't Batusi on camera, but you can bet I joined that dance party!

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Do I Batusi?! I Batusi every day! And Sam Humphries killed it! Awesome!

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It's not the pizza guy