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Watched this interview way too many times. I saw the cover tease and it looks awesome. I am way to excited for this book now. Can't wait to read it.

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Definitely interested in this. Kyle Higgins has been doing a fantastic job on Nightwing and from all his interviews on the different podcasts you can tell he is very passionate about the idea for C.O.W.L, so that makes me incredibly excited to read it.

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The concept of "what would superheroes be like if it was their day job" is interesting. I'm going to check this out when it is released as a trade.

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Out of all the new Image books announced, I have to say this one piqued my interest the most. Not only is it a new series with not much lore besides Kyle's student film The League as inspiration, it has an excellent premise in organised superhero unions with its members participating in working hour shifts, the tiers of heroes sound very interesting though unlike most, I'm probably drawn to Kyle's 'Trinity' the most since they sound like a fun variation on the Big 3 type of heroes. Nonetheless, the lower tiers sound interesting too. And Kyle has it steeped in mid 60s American history which is something I'm also very fond of being a history student myself. There's a strong chance I'll check this out actually.

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I talked to Kyle at the show, super nice dude.

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I've heard about The League and never saw it but from that trailer/clip it looks intensely awesome.

C.O.W.L. is now on my watch list and will be looking out for it. It has a very interesting. I like the relationships between (super)heroes and the government, whether it'd be beneficial mutually or greedily, disruptive, alright or just plain wrong. Almost Civil War-like but hopefully a more satisfying execution/"ending."

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You shove that mic in his face Jen. Make him eat it!

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@missj: That's was pretty funny how you kept shoveling the mic towards his mouth/face. XD (I know it sounds pretty wrong but I couldn't find another way to context it. lol) Anyways, I don't know if it was intentional, but I noticed the nice matching outfits you guys have. I'm gonna check this series out though and watch the movie. It sounds interesting.

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Sounds pretty awesome!

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I wonder if Jen and Kyle felt weird doing this lol

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Sounds cool.

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I hope there's a villain called Microphone Face.

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Sold! I will defiantly be checking this out. I'm really interested to see Kyle play in a world he has full control over because he has been killing it on Nightwing; and he doesn't even own that character. But I bet the same passion for the characters will be shown in C.O.W.L. that he has shown in Nightwing.

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Totally stoked!

Seriously happy for Kyle, I know he's been sitting on this for a while. And it sounds super interesting.