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Shout out to the two background gentlemen who were enthralled by their devices.

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Posted By KEROGA

The artist and writerof Phonogram!?? lol

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Damnit, Gillen and McKelvie strike again!

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I want this book NAOW!

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Good stuff.

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What Tank Armor? I did some googling and got nothing like they describe.

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Great interview with 2 great ladies and Tony who's rendered speechless most of the time.

I'm with Kelly on getting lost in comic books. The story and the writing can still be good whether you know and understand what's going on or not. It doesn't matter as long as it is appealing to you.

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@mrmazz: Perhaps they are talking about those chain mail masks made from leather and iron?

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Pretty Deadly is a great book but man that lady talks a lot.

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@mrmazz: Here: http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/74412000/jpg/_74412696_wararmour.jpg

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Really cool interview. Hearing them talk about the book and their process is super inspiring, gets me pumped.

Shoutouts to Kieron and Jamie checking Twitter, probably making "quality" jokes.