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No Comicvine podcast this week, sad face.

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I'm gonna use this news.

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How did you not mention the Uncanny Avengers M-Word debacle? That was a HUGE story this week.

P.S New site design is great. It's much easier to find things like old articles and video.

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Great news. Can't wait for Kick Ass2 and The Wolverine.

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I'm glad the news has the lead-in now

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I have a feeling that if we'll be seeing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel, it will be in a post-credits cameo scene that foreshadows a sequel or Justice League.

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Oh man, you guys didn't talk about the big news concerning Bruce Timm stepping down as producer from DCAU?? Totally caught me by surprise! Perhaps you guys will talk about it later. Anyway, great sum up as usual, Sara!

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@solthesungod: Hey Im not familiar with that story. Can you PM me the details? Thanks

Im looking forward to The Wolverine.

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Great news, Sara. :)

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@savagedragon: Here's a couple of links on the topic. It's gotten really heated. Personally I don't agree with Havok's viewpoint but I think his perception is reflective of some people in the real world. I just hope Remender is going somewhere with this and it wasn't just bad writing on his part.




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It's really cool that even though you're not at the CBS offices to use their facilities, you still make do with what you have to provide video content for the site. I hope you don't get discouraged and abandoned news video because it looks more homemade (probably because it most likely is) and that you try to learn from your experiences to provide a higher quality experience as you continue to do more videos.

Keep up the good work!

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I love the new design! No really, it's awesome.

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I'm glad you are continuing to do the weekly news. You may want to consider moving whatever light you are using a little higher so we don't get the reflection in your glasses. Love the redesign!

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@rothekid said:

Oh man, you guys didn't talk about the big news concerning Bruce Timm stepping down as producer from DCAU?? Totally caught me by surprise! Perhaps you guys will talk about it later. Anyway, great sum up as usual, Sara!

It's absolutely not true. BC totally got the facts wrong. They changed their headline later. I did interviews for Superman Unbound and the Warner Bros. Animation rep addressed this 'rumor.' Bruce Timm will be back in a bit. Don't worry.

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I like the new layout.. but I wish there was a shortcut to reply to users in the thread or a link to go back to the thread.

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Thanks for the news rundown, Sara. The site looks awesome. I've been reporting a few bugs as I've been editing. I do think we need some templates for the "Recommend Reading" sections. I love that idea, but not sure what to write there.

I have to say that I'm underwehlmed with THE WOLVERINE. I think the trailer is saying too much and making the plot predictable.

It's sad there's no podcast, but that gives me time to think up a new question. Have a Happy Easter and April Fools. For the record, I'm not April Fooling you about having a Happy Easter.

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Man, @babs talking about Orion in this week's news made me think of how awesome it would be to see Orion as a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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i think it is good they left lex out at least for the first movie . when and if they bring him he should be sub villianish and they should have bizzaro for supes to fight

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No wayyy... GSP's gonna be in the next Cap movie! Helz yeaa!!

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Great news video Babs!

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Hey Tony, Sam Humphries is writing a new Avengers book set in the Age of Ultron universe!


Just thought I would give you a heads up!

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Just wasn't the same at Wondercon without you, Sara! But good review all the same ^_^