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Well done Gman you reached the 2 minute mark!! First BTW.

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Sweet Bloodshot shirt. And speaking of Thunderbolts... going to miss Charles Soule. Was really enjoying him on the book even if there wasn't a consistent art team which drove me insane.

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Vibe is one of these victims

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@lifeofvibe: Sadly, that seems to be the case. It's a real shame because I actually really like Vibe, I thought Geoff Johns did a great job revitalizing the character.

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It also depends on what's going on in the character's own book if they have one. The grant morrison animal man had to quit justice league europe because of what was going on in his book

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What happened to Booster gold anyway?

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You hit this one out of the park, Tony!

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And in case you're wondering, that's not my fridge.

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Okay, I'll bite. G-Man, how do the people of comic book worlds really know big crossover events are over? With Secret Invasion, the world saw Norman Osborn shoot the Skrull Queen during the final battle. But what about the people who weren't watching TV? Could there be people out there who think the Skrull Invasion is still going? ...particularly politicians.

Are people still hiding in fear from the Worthy?

Does the Beyonder still have friends in Los Angeles wondering why he doesn't visit anymore?

It's an interesting story idea, but a question I believe fully fleshed out comic book worlds ought to answer with occasional references.

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Here's a question; Why do comics have so many reboots/relaunches/rehashes?

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Nice video.

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Great video, next week talk about the super pets like ace, krypto, bat-cow etc... and the roles they play in the lives of their super heroes and masters.