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I like how people casually walk in the background showing off their cosplay :) Good interview

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So close to number one

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Brony Deadpool <3

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Sweet:) Aquaman has been so awesome!

Great interview!

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I like how punisher nonchalantly walks by them at least 3 times

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Awesome stuff! Man, Ghost Buster and Punisher sure shamelessly had cam time during that, didn't they?

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Compared to everyone else she interviews i feel Babs is always a little awkward around Geoff.

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I want Geoff's jacket..

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I'm just gonna say it: Geoff Johns is hot.

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Why is it nobody asks him why New 52 sales are lower already than August or even July right before the reboot?

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What was Johns holding??? i couldn't see it lol

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@garretj: You're not alone in this opinion.

And Aquaman and Green Lantern rock.

Justice League, however... The Villain's Journey better be great.