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Great interview Babs! 

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lol. oh the almighty editor stepped in and threw a flag on the play, dammit.
now i'm curious what comic shop she actually went into. i cant remember whether
there we're two or three at the time. i'm glad that  Lawrence University pushes comics.
re: read = if your in Wisconsin and you cant hook up with MIAD and looking for a future in comics
Lawrence is the next way to go.

i would be excited if she did some Gambit comics. sounds like she has alot of enthusiasm 
and probably ideas floating around for his character, and i know he is certainly still in heavy demand.

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She is so amazing, and such a good writer! 
I have to say that she is turinging out to be one of the top writers in my list... 
Great interview Babs!
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 X-23 was amazing, Black Widow is turning out great as well. She's a fantastic writer. 
Great Interview, Babs!

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I really want to read Black Widow

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She made Daken bisexual. She's awesome

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She is such a great writer.

And she ain't to bad on the eyes to.

Okay, no beating around the bush she's pretty.

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And the cool news that was announced today is Marjorie will be writing the new X-23 ongoing in September!

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That's funny. You have an editor just off camera. It reminds of of the handlers you see in certain governments when a reporter tries talking to people. lol 
That X-23 book dealt with some dark issues. It did it well.
I didn't know C2E2 had a manga and anime segment as well. I saw a Sakura (Naruto) cosplay wonder by in the background.

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yay for black widow.

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@G-Man:  that sounds great.... even tought I dont like that character at all, However I am happy for the fans ^.^
Yehh whooo! Gambi, Jubilee and Rouge!
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"The editor's right over there, but she's not listening!"