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Another great Mystery Challenge.

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Agnes! :)

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Where is my Kyle Rayner with a Taco.

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@trevel8182 said:

Where is my Kyle Rayner with a Taco.

While we're at it.....Where's my Deadpool with a Pickle.

This is not kosher!!

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there were some REALLY great ones in this challenge, but Michael Walsh nailed it

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The power of Supes!

Enjoyed this mystery challenge, more so because it showcased a lot more artists and drawings.

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OMG Adventure Time Superman FTW!!

Edit: Agnes has an awesome black lantern ring. :p

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OMG Adventure Time Superman FTW!!

Edit: Agnes has an awesome black lantern ring. :p

I've been wanting one like that ever since I saw her wearing it in one of the past mystery art challenges

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I think Agnes Garbowska takes it for me!

Michael Walsh would've won it for me had it been a dog more similar to Krypto...they all did great really.

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I liked Michael Walsh and got a good laugh at Khary Randolph's, but I think Agnes took it for me. That was just too damn adorable.

Was kinda hoping someone would incorporate some Krypto for something potentially heart melting. Walsh got close...but wrong dog.

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I thought they were all pretty good. I always enjoy these.

I think Wolverine with a nail file could be a good one or Johnny Storm and a fire extinguisher.

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Agnes has to win.... it's super-baby, wearing a rabbit hat coming out of a hat.... so complex

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how much do you pay for these? I was looking around artist alley and it looks as if it's almost always $100 for a full body and $40-60 for a head shot. Rockafort was even more expensive going to $200 with a smaller size than everyone else...Did get some nice interiors of Black Adam from Doug Mahnke though for only $20

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Wow really great stuff here.

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Wow I honestly think this is the best one @g_man. I really love Adventure Time Superman and Lincoln Superman. I'm starting to smell Halloween. lol

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Agnes Garbowska's was the best IMO.

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Enjoyed this feature as always!

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I am constantly amazed on these vids how more than one artist will draw the same thing. In this one: 2 stovepipe Lincoln hats, and 2 hats with ears.

I enjoy when Agnes G does a challenge, because she goes the whole route, all the way through color and shading. Always very nice.

Chris G wins this one for me, because Superman wears a G-Man hat! Promoting his own brand, and making Superman a fan! Way to go! lol

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Winner this time in and in art and in concept has got to be Michael Walsh. Agnes is a close second. It's also always interesting to see these and what they show about how a particular artist's mind works. The criteria was Superman and a hat, and two people ended up bringing Zatanna into it.

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All of the artists hit a home run in this challenge.

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That Agnes girl is really good at these, and she has a sick Black Lantern ring.

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I want Loki and a Lava Lamp! It would be rockin!!

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The music makes me feel like Im on Star Tours. And that was one glorious pony tail behind Michael Walsh.

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Okay Adventure Time Superman was DEFINITELY win for me!

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Agnes brings it every time in these videos. She had the most original drawing of everyone and I always enjoy the artists that do colors.

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As if I needed another reason to love Garbowska. When I realized what she was doing, I made an audible (not exactly manly) sound of delight.

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Agnes is flippin amazing. I loved that

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@g_man (When) are you going to post these images? I asked Agnes if she was going to post hers and she said she'd link to it when you (Comic Vine) posted it -- so please say that's going to happen (or already did and I'm silly) ^_^

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@akbogert: I always post the images the Saturday following in the Awesome Art Picks. I also put them in the artists' gallery then.

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@g_man: Ah, good to know. Thanks!

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Loved Agnes as usual, but funny that Z jumped into my head and apparently two others as well.