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Im not a nightwing fan but this new Arc is making me one. Issue 19 was awesome and I hope for more. Dick Grayson has been in batman's shadow for far to long.

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This all sounds good but Nightwing has never been a hero I liked. I do Love Dick as Batman though. Its complicated. I don't know what should be done with Grayson. I'm wishing the title the best of luck good artist choice I think Brett Booth is great for Nightwing.

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Big fan of Kyle Higgins and his Nightwing has been great so far. You can really tell that he really likes and respects the character.

Oh, and sweet beard Mat!

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Love the new direction with Nightwing! Best of luck to Higgins and Booth. Hope they can stick around for a long time and create some interesting stories for Dick along the way.

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I perfered eddy barrows for art, but Brett booth is good. And I like the new direction to the book. And I want night wing to get out of Bruce's shadow

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I literally just met Kyle and bought a copy of Nightwing #19 from him just over an hour ago.

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Mat! love your Reacher shirt dude!!!! :D and good interview with Kyle. Always excited for Nightwing arcs.

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So much beardlyness! :D

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Oh, and sweet beard Mat!

My c2e2 beard was awesome... it goes away tonight.

Mat! love your Reacher shirt dude!!!!

Yes! Someone finally realized what it is!

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I talked to him while getting my comics signed and asked if they will write more about either Nightwings relationships with Starfire or Batgirl and he told me he has something planed in a few issues awesome guy enjoys talking to his fans.

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I was adamant of the idea at first, but I absolutely love the idea of Dick being in Chicago now. Higgins is doing well on the series, and I applaud him for it!

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