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Posted By tobiasPUNK

I feel bad that Deadpools story is so scrambled. It's like they didn't know which way to write him so he got thrown in every direction until he finally developed his own style. He deserves a true origin story setting it all in stone.

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Posted By Alton

This character and his "origin" are as monumentally stupid as Wolverine.To think the commentator had to read decades of this garbage to be able to post this video.

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Posted By Quntumking

DEADPOOL is so overated. I used to like him. The breaking the 4th wall thing isn't that cool.

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Posted By Kuzman123

DO 3 minute expert on Wonder man....that would be cool.

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Posted By LivingWire

NEXT!! Should be SENTRY!! it would be freaking awesome . :D

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Posted By sbpart01

I had absolutely no idea that Deadpool was so complex.

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Posted By tourgen

hey, these videos are pretty cool

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Merc with the Mouth FTW!!!

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Posted By quirky_anecdotes

Cool to see it back. I really dig these and they are very informative. Learned a lot about the Source Wall and Thanos.

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Posted By Queso6p4

Nice. Glad to see this feature back up and running.

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Posted By _Fantomex_

Deadpool was also cursed by phoenix look it up.

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Posted By nadowade

deadpool is ................amazing

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Posted By DocFishstick

i love this 3 minute expert. we need more of them.

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Posted By fingernail9

Death and Deadpool sittin in a Tree....

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Posted By ded_redhood

now the deadpool is brother off redhood

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Posted By EpicAssassin90

Ok I don't want to seem negative about this, I love the 3-minuet experts, but my version of deadpool origin is slightly different. Buy anyway great video

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Posted By LiK

c'mon G-Man, MORE MORE MORE. love this feature.

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Posted By Metric_Outlaw

Thank goodness 3 minute expert is back. I would be interested in doing some obscure characters as well but I'd watch any character you'd choose.

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Posted By kilon

that was good. now do iron fist or maria hill.

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Edited By 7DEADPOOL7

Great job G-man! Obviously Deadpool is my favorite but my brother wants one of these with Damian Wayne if you could do that it would be awesome I look forward to the next one no matter who it is.

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Posted By fodigg

I'm shocked that this didn't talk about his breaking the 4th wall at all.

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Posted By Omega Ray Jay

Fantastic as always, really glad to see this feature back! :D

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Posted By zombietag

sweet!! what comic / issues is that origin story from?

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Posted By crazyflashfan11

My favorite is Dogpool.

Hey G-Man! Lets make a batcow 3me!

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Posted By Funkydeath

YAY! It's back!

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Posted By lazerblades

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tony, my favorite, most-affable comic book man. I just recently began taking a deeper interest in comics and have always been intensely curious about Deadpool, Definitely going to check more out now!

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Posted By GC8

Wow, what a bunch of garbage. Now glad that I've never read a Deadpool comic.

(garbage referring to Deadpool and all the dumb storylines he's been involved in - not to '3 Minute Expert', which is a great feature)

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Posted By skaarason

which issues where he dies , and woke up in the coffin

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Posted By NeoEtruscan

How come there's no mention of Deathstroke the Terminator?

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Kinda makes you wonder if he's gonna keep that big mouth of his from running off now if he's mortal now basically...

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Posted By kartron

@G-Man: Hey thanks! This is cool info. Side note- Somehow for me the "Deadpool" logic is not satisfactory in the name + overall sense too...

mayybe i will pick up something on deadpool.. maybe not...

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@SaintOfKillers: Well, they're not "officially" back. This was sort of an experiment. As I mentioned, it depends on views. If loads of people aren't watching, I can't get together with Joey to make them happen.

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Posted By SaintOfKillers

Great to have these back. I know they are called 3 minute expert but i actually wouldn't mind if 5 minutes is the new standard lenght.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@kartron said:

Thanks for this. Very happy to see this feature back! Question - why is Deadpool called so? -> if at all there is any answer given by creators for this?

In DEADPOOL ANNUAL '98, at Weapon X, they had a 'dead pool' where they bet which subject would die first.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
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Posted By kartron

@Mucklefluga said:

All the moving pictures and stuff is awesome :D Wouldn't be the same without it :D

Very True!! Very good work there by CV & Tony ofcourse!!! :):)

Thanks for this. Very happy to see this feature back! Question - why is Deadpool called so? -> if at all there is any answer given by creators for this?

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

@G-Man: Thanks so much. Now comes the hard part, finding a single issue of a comic that came out 13 years ago.

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Posted By emperium

Great to see the 3 minute expert back. Well done, Bravo! will always watch new ones to come!

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Posted By Cyborg6971

Woo Hoo trice minute xpert is here again. It has left me with a sudden urge to get into some deadpool.

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Posted By mattwing87

Deadpool's backstory had to be longer than 3 min lol

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Posted By Mr_Wayne69

I'm glad 3 Minute is back (even watched the Flash one just now). Never liked or saw what the big deal was about Deadpool but this 3 (-5 Minute Expert) was cool. I learned a lot about the character w/o having to have read anything. I'm one of the few avid comic readers that hasn't bought into Deadpool's hype. He doesn't annoy me as much as some, but he's just not that interesting. That last thing about him being normal again is intriguing though...

Thanx, G!

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Posted By Fantasgasmic

@G-Man said:

By the way, Deadpool was running the timer. So yeah, the time is off a little...

I don't think anyone minds if a 3-minute expert runs long.

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Posted By JohnnyWalker

@G-Man: hey g-man, how do you kill a circus?

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Posted By csl316

3 minute expert? Fake brick background? Posted by Jamie and Adam's Tested's Joey?

I'm confused!

(But nice to see it back!)

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@thatlad: Only 3 minutes! There was stuff about T-Ray as well that got cut.

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Posted By thatlad

Awesome. No mention of taskmaster or bullseye???

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Edited By The Lobster

@cc1738 said:

@The Lobster : What!!!?? I can't talk to you anymore. How can you not like Nightwing? He's my favorite DC character. It's not even a contest. I also like Captain America. I hate Mr. Fantastic. All he does is stretch. It's the lamest power I've ever heard.

Never liked him or any of the Robins. The minute Robin was introduced was the moment Batman no longer could be taken seriously for me. DC keeps trying to drill in the whole Batman is a loner thing and I keep saying....uh no he's not? What makes Batman interesting and the best crime fighter is his dedication. He was more interesting to me when his dedication to crime fighting took control of him and he became this emotional gothic shut-in. I always pictured Bruce Wayne becoming so dedicated that eventually he'd fake his death just so he could be Batman twenty-four-seven. Batman has always worked better alone, name one time a Robin never got in the way or did something that was beneficial to the mission that Batman couldn't have done himself or hadn't already plan on doing. At least Nightwing has gone off and done his own thing, but I still couldn't care less about him. The only Robin who kinda works is Damian because like Batman he's serious, almost too serious for Batman. All the other Robins play crime fighting off like it's a game or something cool to do.

As for Captain America, I'm not a fan of patriotism. I have no problem with people loving ones country, but some people take it WAAAAY overboard. Captain America was created as a patriotic image and he really hasn't evolved past that. I guess you could say that I don't hate the character, I just hate what he stands for. Superheroes should be owned by the world not an image of one country. Which is why I was fine with Superman giving up his American citizenship, but sadly people made a huge deal about it and now that was retconned.

Mr. Fantastic is the opposite, I HATE this character. You remember that one kid who thinks that he's smarter than you just because he gets good grade. That's Mr. Fantastic. I mean, come on, experimenting on your kid just because he has a power that COULD destroy the world....great parenting Reed. Sue is pretty much his voice of reason....But still, half the time he ignores what she says because "he's the smart one". I like the other members of the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Doom is probably my favorite antagonist....but I cannot stand Reed Richards for the life of me.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@ArtisticNeedham said:

Question. What comic was the stuff about him working as a Hobgoblin and for the Wizard and Taskmaster, and then creating his own costume from? Was it all in one comic? Where might that be collected? And are those pictures in the Deadpool gallery yet?

That was in 1999's DEADPOOL #35.

No Caption Provided

I re-read A LOT of Deadpool for this.

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Posted By cc1738

@The Lobster : What!!!?? I can't talk to you anymore. How can you not like Nightwing? He's my favorite DC character. It's not even a contest. I also like Captain America. I hate Mr. Fantastic. All he does is stretch. It's the lamest power I've ever heard.

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Posted By Tyrannotaur

Awesome 3 minute expert is back!

I had never known that Deadpool had a thing going with Death. I'm curious what Thanos has to say about this relationship. Doesn't he have the hots for Death too?

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Edited By The Lobster

@cc1738 said:

@G-Man: Every time I've read a comic with him I've found him extremely irritating and stupid. I don't find his comics funny at all. My friend tried to get me to change my mind and let me read the first Deadpool and Cable trade and I couldn't even finish it. I thought it was awful. I can't stand him at all and nothing will ever change my mind.

@The Lobster : No thanks. There's so many comics that I like that I'm not going waste my money on a comic based a character I hate on the off chance that it may change my mind.

Who says you have to spend money? Borrow it from someone?

Oh well, Your lost. Although I gotta admit I'm a bit peeved your friend recommended Cable and Deadpool and not Joe Kelly's stuff. People act like Cable and Deadpool's run is the greatest thing since sliced cheese when really it was only....for lack of a better word....good. It wasn't horrible and it has it's moments but honestly Fabian pretty much pulled a Daniel Way and said "screw continuity" and changed lots of things and never explained why they changed. It was like someone saying screw Batman's parents being shot by a random mugger, turns out they were shot by Deadshot in full costume, and then never explaining why for all the years before Bruce thought it was a random mugger. They don't even bring it up, Bruce just so happens to think that Deadshot killed his parents in full costume.

Everyone has a character they don't like. Heck I'll be plain honest there are three characters I absolutely hate to the point that I wish they'd reboot them into something better..... Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, and Pretty Much all the Robins, including Nightwing (Although I will admit, Damian is the best Robin so far, he's the less annoying of the 5). They have a few good stories here and there but I'm not a fan of them in the slightest. We all have characters who get under our skin.

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