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Born on the planet Arton, Victoria was asked by her mother to go to Glorienn Temple, a goddess that had not been worshiped since all the Elves were nearly destroyed by the Goblinoid's Black Alliance. There she discovered she was the daughter of the legendary hero Paladin, and given half of his infinite power (the Power of Infinity). She battled the Tormenta and it's demons for millenia before Arton was saved from their evil.  
Paladin sent her to the astral plane to rest and await the return of the ancient evil known as K'athanoa. She awoke to a strange world where the elves, dwarfs and fairies were long gone.  

Powers & Abilities 

Victory possesses the Power of Infinity - an immeasurable cosmic power of over twenty gods. With the power comes great strength and invulnerability. Victory also possesses power of a magical nature, powerful enough to create barriers strong enough to protect the planet. 
Victory's sword is fused with what is known as an Avatar-Petard, a living being that serves as a companion to the bearer of the infinite power. The feline avatar of Victory's sword is known as Brenda. The sword has infinite energy, capable of destroying millions of demons in one stroke. The most powerful technique of the sword is known as the Stellar Death Attack, a devastating attack that destroys a random star in the universe and takes it's power into itself. This move is risky, as any inhabited world surrounding the star would die in the process.

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