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The Victory Vanguard are composed of British superheroes from both the Golden Age and Silver Age of Comics, many of whom have fallen into public domain. MI-5 sanctioned the Victory Vanguard as a rival superhero team against to the Seven Stars, a U.N. sanctioned superhero team, in 1964. After their failed attempt to stop Toby the Fat Schoolboy, MI-5 decided to expand the Victory Vanguard's ranks by making it a super-army. They managed to exile the Super Stars to a different dimension. Soon they fought against an alien menace called The 'Mass as it nearly massacred all extended Victory Vanguard members.


Original Members:

  • Ace Hart
  • Mark Tyme
  • The Purple Hood (Lee Briton)
  • Tommy Walls (deceased)
  • Crash Brittanus
  • Mr. Apollo (Jerry Gunn; forced to resign due to "legal" reasons)
  • Swift Morgan
  • Silver

Extended Members:

  • Val Venture
  • Rokcetman (Jet Black; deceased)
  • Steve Samson
  • Dane Jerrus
  • Rex Cosmo
  • Solo the Human Rocket (deceased)
  • Space Rover Pete
  • Thor Steel
  • Pete Mangan
  • Maskman (Peter Pilkington; deceased)
  • Speed Gale
    • Garry (deceased)
  • Mr. Muscle
  • Steamline (Keenan King)
  • Captain Magnet (Johnny Calhood; deceased)
  • Captain Might (Professor Alan Engish; deceased)
  • Captain Miracle (Johnny Dee; deceased)
  • Superboyo (Alan Brandt; deceased)
  • Tornado (Steve Storm; deceased)
  • Commando Gibbs (deceased)
  • Captain Ukip (deceased)
  • Litening (David Terry; deceased)
  • Ju-Jitsu Jimmy (deceased)
  • Masterman (Bobby Fletcher; deceased)
  • Wonderman (Captain John Justice; deceased)
  • The Bat (deceased)


Victory Vanguard is also the name of another team superheroes seen in 1963, a comic book miniseries that was also created by Alan Moore at Image Comics in 1993.


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