Victory Boys

    Team » Victory Boys appears in 6 issues.

    A team of young boys whom fought the Axis forces during World War Two

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    War World II. Victor's father was in Germany on a mission as an American Secret Service agent, but had been captured by the Nazi. Victor had accompanied his father to Germany (actually followed him there) and didn't know what to do after his father's capture. While in Germany, he met up with an American young fellow named Maxie. The two ran away together into the Black Forest, where Maxie introduced Victor to four more boys. These German young boys where all orphans. Their parents had been taken into custody and killed by the Nazi. The boys had been put into an orphanage, from witch they had escaped. Victor organized with the young fellows and planned to free his father from imprisonment. The mission was a success and after that, the boys desired to continue fighting the Nazi forces. They formed a new group known as Victory Boys to bring down the enemies.

    Group members

    7 members of Victory Boys

    • Victor

    • Maxie

    • Gus

    • Hans

    • Warren

    • Kurt

    • Piotr Krzystof

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